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ok lets just face it!!!

alright, tell me if i am wrong!!!! all we can do as american hard working, tax paying citizens, that care about our country and want our country to become greater, is to vote!!! what else can we do to help our country, absolutly nothing, how???? we depend on the people we elect to do the right thing to take care of us and our country??? does it work, defintly not at all!!! so, now what??? nothing we can do at all!!! SAD!!!
Of course you can do something, why don't u run for office and make the changes u propose. U know in a lot of countries, that option would not even be available.
for office takes a lot of money. If you are not independently wealthy then you become beholden to the wealthy ones that gave you the money to win office. Thus becoming the same as what your complaining about. But you don't have to worry about that because no wealthy person will give you enough money to win unless your already in his pocket, so to speak.

Listen to this guy. 3 minutes and 33 seconds of education.
Win the lotto
So u are saying all we can do is complain all day. Nothing in life worth having is easy. I like to think of the glass being half full than half empty.
I am not sure what to think. I just feel that too many people think the status quo is just fine. It will never be like the 1960's where you could count on thousands of people to show up just to make a statement. Lucky to get hundreds. The million man march fell way short of their goal. It is going to take a lot of personal suffering to get someone to put down the beer, get off the sofa and turn off the football game and do something.

I may be way off base here but the middle class and small business are about to get tagged out.
fish taxi!!!
fish well said! a lil man cant run for any type of powerful office, that isnt already connected with some of the big boys and their cash, you wouldnt have a chance!!! and yes fish, i agree, small business and the middle class will be tagged out, we almost are rite now!!! the end is near and there is nothing we can do, except hope these politicians start caring and do what they were elected to do??? do whats right for WE THE PEOPLE and not for THEMSELVES!!!
And there goes the problem, unless u are a Caucasian male not many others would want to relive the 1960's. things have changed.
Remembering the Black Panthers
They had a meeting place behind my dads shop off of Carrolton. Actually a very cool group of men back then.
If you watched the video it's like the guy said, Change takes time. It took the political machine over 30 years to perfect divide and conquer. Well maybe it isn't perfected but they are damned well trying.

Political machine = Money behind the politician.
fish, not only the money behind the politician, dont forget the money under the table, once they get in!!!
I know what you can do beast!
Sign a petition for ONE refinery to continue selling conventional gasoline! Solve our countries problems RIGHT( beast, go back and read your post. You need to start using spell check) away.
good news pathfinder!!
I have posts starting since jan. 30, 2009!! you can have a bunch of fun and go back to all my posts and make stupid comments on all of them, like you did on this one, if that's what turns you on!! have fun!!!
It's getting close to that time where we need to take back our country. The government should fear it's people not the other way around.
Btw a democracy never works and is intended for a temporary government. We should have a Republic. After a democracy comes a dictatorship as history has taught us.
It's really sad this country's come to this. Our votes don't even count anymore because we are a minority now.
Who will get more votes? A person who gives free cellphones out and free money to live or someone who wants people to actually have a job and work for their money.
Our whole infrastructure needs to be changed. We have 3rd generation welfare and housing recipients now a days.
We should have mandatory drug tests for assistance and a 6 month max for assistance every 5 years or so. We should not allow people to be 'lifelong' recipients of the system.
It all goes back to personal responsibility and accountability. I have no problem helping friends out (let's say working on a car) but don't have me working on it while you sit in the shade drinking a beer.
Also my parents taught me at an early age 'you can't go out and play until your rooms clean.' I thought for years they were just mean but it actually taught me something. You take care of your own house before you help others. It should be the same with our country. We should secure our borders, stop ALL funding overseas and get our own problems like immigration, jobs, homeless, hungry, etc. taken care of first before we even begin to try and help other countries.
Again this is only my opinion and you know what they say about those......
very well written and i agree 100%!!! but, how can we the people, accomplish this??? a vast majority of all the politicians we vote in become corrupt and forget what they were elected to do!!!
so pathfinder, how would signing a petition for one refinery to keep making conventional gas solve this countries problems right away???? you said it , how about an explanation?? remember, best way to answer a question when you cant, is to avoid it!!! right pathfinder!!! OH NO!!! I forgot to use spell check!!!! you know I think you mite be drew b in disguise!!! trust me that's not a compliment!!!
Beast WE can change it only when enough people can stand up TOGETHER and say NO MORE!!!
The problem is that will never happen unfortunately. Look how many disagreements they have just on this site alone. It's sad but it's the truth. More AMERICANS need to become informed and put our differences aside and stand together against our government. Remember WE pay them.
Like I said it will take a Revolution to get that accomplished. We need to fight tyranny (mainly domestic) and take OUR COUNTRY BACK. It's really disheartening to see our elected officials basically wiping their butt with our Constitution.