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Deer Hunting in Southeast Louisiana

dog hunting

when did still hunters get so high and mighty they can kill a animal i thought it was illegal i was raised up dog hunting and loved it as a kid had beagles for years until soterra decides no more dogs just youre money sucker so i got out of it now i have 2 grand kids sad
December 26, 2012 at 3:39pm
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Posted December 26, 2012 at 4:21pm

Sensitive subject on this site. I did it a couple of times, and its just not my thing. I felt like, in a way, it was cheating. But that's my opinion. I think it should be banned, because it adds unnecessary stress to deer. Especially people who run dogs in the Warner months. Does are carrying fawns.
I compare it to fishing. Would you rather find a good spot and catch fish there or release a shark and train it push all the fish to you? I just don't think it's fair.

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Posted December 26, 2012 at 4:47pm

I dont think dog hunting should be banned but I do believe the dog season should be shortened dramatically. Especially in WMA's or National Forests. How can ya call it a management area and then allow dogs? thats not management! The problem with dog hunters is they run the same tract of land over and over and over every single day of the too lonnggg dog season. I have tried to understand what dog hunters get out of it. Its just not for me I guess. They spend most the time trying to locate the dang dogs than hunting. I wish they could realize if all 30 or so of those guys would get into a stand and still hunt they would kill many more and much nicer deer collectively than with dogs. Doesnt make much sense to me but to each their own, I guess.

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Posted December 26, 2012 at 5:56pm
make dog season shorter

What are you talking about? Still hunters have way more days to hunt. Dog hunter have a few weeks thats it. How short do you think it should be? And you think think it's miss managed because dog hunter's have to many days to hunt. No still hunter have the whole season to hunt and it's either sex everyday thats not management. And maybe it's not about how many deer you kill it's about how much fun you have with hunting buddy's. Maybe everyone don't like sitting in a tree for hours and not moving. But here is a sulution lets give still hunter the same amount of day to hunt that dog hunter have, then close the season for still hunters and open it for dog hunting only. The problem now is why do still hunter get to hunt during dogs season. Still hunter have the whole first part of the season to their self. But that is not enough

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Posted December 26, 2012 at 6:41pm
Im with you sparky

I feel your pain sparky. When soterra cut out all the dog hunting i lost a big part of my childhood. And shortly after every local in the area quit joining all the clubs. As for everyone that dont like dog hunting .......well i have kept my mouth shut long enough first of all we killed more big bucks running dogs than still hunting because they cant be nocturnal with a pack of dogs behind them .. Secondly it is illegal in the state of la to shoot a hunting dog no matter whos property its on.... Third we had 6,300 acres to run our dogs on and would run different sections every day to let the deer move back into the other areas ......we never ran deer in the summer thats just asking to kill your dogs from heat exhaustion ... I have also ran the deer on our private property that i was still hunting and watching everyday Yes we would run them for miles but within a day or two they will move back in ....lastly we have a bigger problem with people killing does small bucks and yearlings than the people running dogs.

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Posted December 26, 2012 at 8:04pm
miss the dogs

i keep my mouthshut on this site. Just couldn't hold back on this one.

im with marshal on this one...i grew up dog hunting. the same area as marshal too (pretty sure the same club, Cutover). Back then the club (and clubs around us) had strict rules on what we could and couldn't shoot, and fines to go with it. The club killed a lot of quality deer with the dogs. Its a way of hunting I love and miss dearly. And I didn't care if i killed the deer or not, it was about the chase. The stories from the old timers. Hearing the dog man whoop & holler then the dogs getting on a hot trail. And the few of us that had the big trucks, lots of fun in the mud getting places others couldn't go.
the downfall with our area came on when a few just started laying the brown down...started with a few and just snowballed from there. and it wasnt just in our club.

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lormanboggProfile Photo
Posted December 27, 2012 at 7:01am

'the whole first part of the season' ... thats just it, we would rather the dogs not mess up the second half of the season during the rut. Still hunters do not have way more days of still hunt only than dog hunters have dog season, in some areas its very even. I hunt just over the state line in MS anyway and the dog season is as I stated too long over there. LA has done something better than MS for once i guess and not allowed the entire season (except 1 week) to be dogs.

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JBProfile Photo
Posted December 27, 2012 at 8:51am

I used to be on the side of banning dogs but have since changed my views. You can't lump all dog hunters together. I used to hunt a 1000 acre piece in Donaldsonville. We did not run dogs. The club next to us that had 200 acres did run dogs. Every time they turned out, guess where their dogs ended up? Yep, on our property. I do not want to force my way of hunting on anyone else but how is that not forcing their way of hunting on me?
Now I make a few hunts on a very large piece of property in Mississippi (6000 acres). They run dogs every morning. They run beagles, not walker hounds. They have very few problems with dogs getting on other people's property, although it does happen occasionaly. I have seen deer being pushed by dogs that will get a ridge or 2 ahead of the race and actually stop and feed for a few minutes. When the dogs get closer, the deer move on. It doesn't run the deer out of the county. In fact, people regularly still hunt that afternoon in the same place the dogs were turned out and see plenty of deer coming back into the area.
The problem come about when people FORCE their way of hunting on other people. If I have property and I do not want to have dogs on it, I do not want your dogs on my property. That is you forcing your way of hunting on me, bottom line! Will those dogs sometimes push a deer on me? Yes they will. Will I shoot it if I decide to? Yes I will.
What I am getting at is if you only have a very minimal piece of property, you should have repsect for the people around you. You know your dogs will run off of your property so do not run them. It is the people like that that cause the problem.

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Posted December 27, 2012 at 9:07am

Man I couldn't AGREE more with your opinion! Just be careful when you say 'shoot dogs' because they get all butt hurt and start throwing laws around. By 'them' i only mean that select few who think they 'run shyt' and are protected and can force their ways upon others. I keep to my own property: which does not affect any one.

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JBProfile Photo
Posted December 27, 2012 at 9:16am

Let me clarify what I said. When I posted 'will they I shoot it if I decide to, yes I will.' I meant the deer, not the dog. I will not shoot someone's dog unless it is for my own safety. I know someone that hunts in Baton Rouge. One afternoon he had 2 pit bulls trail him to his stand. They would not let him climb down. He had to shoot them. That,to me, is justified. Shooting someone's walker hound or beagle because they are on your property? Not so much...find the owner of the dog and have a come to Jesus meeting with him.

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jig chunkerProfile Photo
Posted December 30, 2012 at 9:57pm
Drop the Tailgate

aint you still hunters got some CORN PILES we can send some walker hounds threw. just saying. im sure you got plenty of pics of that big buck to, but you aint seen him.

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MarshratProfile Photo
Posted December 31, 2012 at 6:14am

I checked the laws about unwanted dogs on your property a while back because of some people that were supposed to move in next door. They told me they let their dogs run loose and for me not to shoot them. After getting with our police juror, he checked up on what I could do. All the laws he checked and after asking a couple different lawyers, he told me I had 2 choices, either call the sheriffs department to remove the dogs or take the dogs down. The dogs didn't have to pose a threat, just the fact that they were on my property was enough to justify shooting and killing the dogs. If I just peppered the dogs or crippled them, then that is a whole different story.


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redtop72Profile Photo
Posted January 01, 2013 at 3:51pm

I dog hunt an love it bring my kids with me every chance I get I also still hunt . But man I love a good race an so do my kids I say we need more days to dog hunt an if they ban deer dogs they should also rabbit dogs ,falconry , food plots , baiting, an all the other stuff that gives a hunter the edge to harvest some meat

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Peaceful HuntingProfile Photo
Posted January 18 at 9:01am
Re: dog hunting

This is a topic everyone has an opinion on in hunting. I way the pros and cons and the cons of deer dogs overwhelmingly outweigh the pros. My dislike comes from seeing piles of deer carcass on the side of the road sometimes 5-6 at a time and seeing that many of them are illegal kills according to the law. Surely dog are still has this problem but again I weigh the pros and cons. If all the dog hunters I see take 3-4 illegal kills each weekend for a month does that compare to, according to records here, an estimated 17 illegal takes by still hunters in 2 months in my area?

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Admiral RabbitProfile Photo
Posted January 18 at 2:08pm
'Sic'em Boy'

...noth'n beats a dog hunt...it goes back for centuries (it's a shame but even some guards and cops get excited when they turn them loose at Angola and many PD's) ??? cheers

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lorraine66Profile Photo
Posted January 18 at 9:15pm
Re: dog hunting

this an old post but here is my 2 cents---I see no problem with dog hunting just keep them in control and your own property ,,I know if I was still hunting on your property you would ask me to leave well it goes the same for dog running keep them off property that is not yours ,,,,,and for the post that just because a dog is on your property you can shoot it that is one battle I would not want to go to court with ,,a friend of mine got 5 years probation and a bunch of fines for that move and he got lucky the animal groups did not get involved ,, the lawyer told him that the only way that you can shoot the animal is if you was threatened by the animal and in fear of the animal attacking you

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