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midway point and still chasing

Well as we approach the final month of the season, i am still chasing these bucks, but hopefully we get an early rut in my area of bama so i can catch one of them chasing a doe. But i rather doubt it, and once again the fact that our season ends before the rut truely gets into full swing will screw me..

I also hunt in alabama and have the same problem. We don't see many bucks until the second week in january and just when it is getting good its over.
Don't know why they don't take a week away from the beginning and add it to the end of the season. politics I guess. Merry Christmas
move it back
I fully support the idea of starting the season on Nov. 15th instead of October 15th, and ending it on Feb. 28th. That way, it's the same amount of time give or take a couple days, and then we can catch up to the rest of the hunting world and actually hunt the rut. :/