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When I was a child we hunted deer with dogs. We hunted long and hard day after day. Rarely was a deer seen to shoot much less killed. Even most of the ole timers had never killed one. One day a local doctors son climed up into a tree in the river swamp and shot a buck that he could not find. He came and told us what he had done and asked for a dog to trail his deer. The ole timers could not believe it. Climb up into a tree out of a deers line of sight, where he couldn't smell you. How unethical, should be against the law,disgusting they said. I was only six years old at the time but remember it like it was yesterday. One ole timer said I could climb up into a tree and kill every deer in the swamp.Isn't that what we do today women,children,grandparents all killing deer.Some even identify themselves as professional hunters because they can climb up into a tree and ambush a deer.When I read some of the postings by some of the clueless on this sight like I wouldn't even eat a deer that was killed by dog hunters it makes me want to throw up. (Any Comments)
mo tenda'raah
I hear Ya Shallow-Draft and feel your pain , I won't go as far as saying that I wouldn't eat a deer killed while running off dogs , been on both sides of the fence when they let the dogs out , but from experience eating deer meat I find the one's dropped with a single shot instantly when walking are the most tender'era and taster'era -------------maybe it is a bogus rumor , when deer run the blood flows thru the meat as they don't have veins for say and the nerves tense up , maybe that was a rumor started by the guys that didn't like dog hunting , but it seems true to me ------- no diskaraspeck for your post , carry on
Changing times
The only thing that stays the same is change .

Some of the best sounds in the world is a sacalait flopping around on top the water after being hooked and a big buck sloshing through the swamp with a pack of hounds off in the distance running him .

Nothing wrong with still hunting or dog hunting .. It's just the different breeds of hunters coming up that know everything there is to know about deer hunting . Oh , and too many hunters in the woods these days . I wish about half of them would quit hunting altogether ..
Your probably right, I've heard that all my life, but if your making sausage I don't think it matters. Then again the majority of deer killed by dog hunters are never actually chased by the dogs, they are slip deer.I now hunt on a large still hunting only lease in MS which is surrounded by dog hunting clubs. I can be whatching deer in a food plot and a pack of Walkers pass through within 40 yards. One or two deer might raise there heads and stare in the direction of the dogs and the rest never stop eating. This is what the still hunting crowd in La. does not understand, they think it ruiens the area and gives them the right to shoot someones dog. The people in MS where I hunt realize they have an oportunity to see a deer slipping away from the dogs.
The nicest deer I ever shot was a sneaker on a 10 degrees and drizzly dog hunt day before the dog were ever let loose , was hunting in a club as a guest in Demopolis Alabama and I am sure they thought they were sticking me in the worst spot , I never foget that trip , shot the biggest deer that the club had gotten in a while and they were P.O.'ed about it , we had 22 deer between 16 people for the weekend and they layed all the meat into 1 1/4 deer piles and set a picking order by who shot the most, the biggest and so forth , I should have picked first 'but' guest picked last , I got a pile of junk meat all shot up full of hair , bone and lead and I remember I told them to keep it and they still charged a guest fee for the weekend