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The Tommy boy buck!!!

After loading up my deer I shot and thought that he was dead, he came back to life as I was driving down the highway!!
I ended up having to pull over and wrestle the deer and slit his throat!!! Luckily it was a rental car!! Looked like a murder in the back of that brand new suburban!!
Oh wow
And you have the video of it to boot. Oh man you have a story to remember right there. lol

Check the eye on every deer you shoot!
Coming back to life.
Almost unheard of but believable. A buddy of mine shot an 8 pt. and got it all the way home. He went in the house and back out and it was standing up in the back of the truck. He was able to shoot it again. My uncle in law hit a yearling with his truck and brought it to my house because he didn't know what to do with it. When we got outside, the deer jumped out of his truck and never looked back. Gone in a flash. That was funny!!
Live Dead Deer Story
A game warden was stopped several cars back in the left lane at a traffic light at the main intersection by the hospital and McDonalds in Natchez, MS. When the light turned green, the right lane started moving...but his lane remained stopped. Curious, he leaned over to 'see' what was holding up traffic. The first vehicle in the left lane was a pickup truck...both doors flew open and two burly guys in camo jumped out and then into the back of the with a tire iron. A melee ensued...with both men seemingly wailing on one another...blood going everywhere. Naturally as a peace officer, the game warden jumped out and, at gunpoint, made the two drop get down out of the back of the truck, put both hands on the tailgate and wait for Natchez PD to arrive. Once both men were cuffed, the officers heard a ruckus among all the empty beer cans under a blue tarp...then up popped a doe...with a large 'crease' on top of her head. Apparently, these two model citizens had shot an illegal doe in the head...just enough to knock it out...and it 'woke up' at the traffic light. The doe wobbled and fell out of the truck onto the roadway causing the whole intersection to be shutdown. Officers attempted to 'herd' the doe back into the median. The doe got its bearings, looked towards the back of the hospital and seeing a wooded area...RAN OFF.

The two geniuses were arrested for hunting without an out of state license, hunting without hunters orange, shooting from a public roadway, and drunk driving...on top of being just plain stupid.
Nice buck, but ahhhh, I think its gonna cost you a few bucks with all that blood in a rental suburban.
That will make for a rememberable trip!!! Hope you bought the insurance!!