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Sad day in America!!

What makes our young children so violent that they would murder elementary school kids?? This is happening far to often today and its very disturbing to me! I'm praying for those family's involved.
Guys and Girls this saddens me and makes me as mad as you are. Please refreain from the profnity in your COMMENTS. I have edited a few of them, if you need to contact me, I will be glad to explain to you why. Thanks and lets keep these famalies in our prayers.
very tragick. thoughts and prayers to all.
'We Can't Handle the Truth'
...the real problems are is that they will not truely address what sets it off...I don't think anyone doubts that this country has been in turmoil and ill run for the last twelve may be deception in economics,religion or politics that pushs the .0002% of a population off the deep end, then they cut budgets on mental hospitals ???...but the tipping point should start w/banning violent movies,videos and enforcing gun laws we already someone said...they have the authority but not the guts...

P/S...and don't forget the violent drawbacks of a psychiatrist hypo needle filled with mind altering drugs approved by the FDA...(right before they get a early discharge because of budgets and top-heavy hospital salaries)...
This is the saddest thing that I have ever herd of in my life!! How can a sorry MURDERER kill babys!! I grabbed my baby girl after school and hugged her like she has never been hugged. I hope this tragic event brings families and friends closer together, We need it when tragedy strikes like this. I could never imagine the pain thet these people are going through my heart and prayers go out to them..
very tragic!!
little young innocent children absolutly unbelievable, prayers for all the families!!! i cannot even begin to imagine what these families are going thru!!! the sad part in my opinion is there is absolutly nothing we can do to prevent this from happening again, just pray it doesnt ever happen again!!!
i agree with you 100%!!! sorry about your cousin and prayers to yall family!!! hope that trash never gets out!!! the government and this so called political correctness, what a joke, has defintly brought this country way way down!!! political correctness means to me, you just cant tell the truth!!!
No Flack from me!

You won't get any flack from me, or 99% of the people on this site. It is a different world we live in today, like it or not. All we can do is try and raise our kids the way we were raised. We need to take them fishing and hunting (the correct way to use guns) and keep them off the internet and video games as much as possible. God bless this country and Merry CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
God Bless
this is what happens when they take God out of school. some people don't have the fear of God any more that is why they do this and then kill their self. Cowardly act. It breaks my heart to think about those children I can't fathom the thought of how their parents are feeling.
so our government has done a lot to bring this country down where it is today, thru their own ignorance as usual?? you cant say GOD cause it aint politically correct today, even though this country was founded with GOD in mine!!! AMAZING AINT IT!!! some dern sad!!! sounds like we have a lot of ignorant people running this government, SOME SURPRISE TO ME!!!
another societal wakeup call
What an unbelievable, horrible thing yesterday. There is no sensible explanation. 26 innocent lives. They did NOTHING wrong. Unfortunately we are seeing the further unraveling of our society as the spiritual decline accelerates. As we kick Christ out of everything American, Satan gladly moves in and unfortunately the symptoms are sickening. May we please as a country beg for forgiveness and turn back to God.
weak country
The problem is that this weak country has gotten away from medicating these wack jobs to the point where they just drool on themselves all day. That wouldn't be the nice thing to do in today's day and age. Now we let them mingle in society with the rest of us until they shoot up a public place. A lot of these people were known to have issues of some kind and a lot of this crap could have been avoided. Take these sick suckers out of society. Don't get me wrong, it's a shame that they are wired wrong but don't make it other people's problem by letting them walk around freely. All this crap lately makes me sick.
i agree with you!!! and as sad as this is, obama will use this to take away our right to bear arms guaranteed!! constitution or not, he will suceed one way or another to do this, i guarantee you this and it will not take to long!!! hope i'm wrong but i dont think i am!!! i have an idea how he will, but will not put this on the internet!!!
Taking guns
Nobody is taking anyone's guns away. They better be ready to strap it on if they try. America will not lay down for that. They will likely make it harder to purchase an AR type weapon or a semi auto handgun.
I agree Iceman, that is exactly why we have guns to protect us from the government taking over. If anything you are 100 percent correct. They will make it harder to get semi auto wepons and ammo. But we all know that a pump or single shot kills the same way. Criminals will always have weapons, they are criminals they steal them...
Understand why you edited my post, Randy. Sorry for the profanity.
Not a problem
Thats why we are all a team. Believe me I am angry and sad at what happend to these babys! This a time that we should all pull together and become a team. Its going to get worse brother you believe me. Times are changing, people dont teach their kids responsability anymore (some of us still do). Its here is a vidieo game go kill everyone on it. They forget to tell them that this is a game. I could go on with venting but it does no good. I have never felt the way that I felt yesterday. I remember 911, the colombine shootings, but never ever have I felt like this. I could not imagine the Pain these famailes are going through right now. All I can say is may GOD be with them. They have a long road ahead..
guns knive cars
Just an little tidbit of information as the inevitable will eventually happen with this horrific tragedy.

The guns used were not his guns.

22 children were stabbed to death in an elementary class in China the same day. Gun control didn't help them!
u r right, but obamma and his clowns will never mention anything about what happened in china!!! he wants our guns to disarm america, so he can have his way, so we have to depend on the king of america(obama)!!!
My wife teaches elementary school in Geismar. After hearing the news, I was sick all day, as was she. So terrible.

I agree with Iceman: if any legislation is passed any time soon (which is doubtful), it will only make it more difficult to obtain big clips and semi-auto assault rifle-styled guns. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that we need to get better as a country at keeping guns out of the hands of the kind of people who make the anti-gun agenda seem like a good idea, especially the severely mentally ill and psychotic. (And yes, I know, the guns weren't the shooter's; that's beside the point.)

And for the record, no one was killed in the attack in China. 22 children and 1 adult were injured, but no one was killed, so, technically, gun control helped them quite a bit. Probably saved most of their lives, in fact.
We must protect the children
Justthought i would throw out some ideas to help protect our children in schools.

I dont see any reason why our school systems couldnt put metal detectors in every door ways of schools,no exceptions to bypass them ,all and every person must pass through ,including teachers and students. no one gets in the doors without passing through.

another idea, why not put the school office in the front of every school. this way when someone comes to our childrens schools the first place they must enter through is the office. i have been in a few schools in iberia parish and you walk through the front doors and you are in the school. you should pass through the office first.

i have 2 children in school and i do beleive its our school systems responsibility to do everything possible to protect our children no matter what the cost. i am sure if us parents wanted to test our schools to see how easy it would be to get into the school most of our schools would fail. Just some of my thoughts ,would love to hear more thoughts.
God Bless the children .
in response to johnwayne
One suggestion i would make. Our tax dollars pay for public schools. Why not make it mandatory for EVERY school to provide a minimum of one armed police officer in all schools. I would not mind one bit seeing our tax dollars pay for childrens protection. Private schools are funded by students parents, it wouldnt cost very much more in tuition to pay a police officer to be at school. I feel just like everyone else here, more government control is not the answer. However passing a law at the local, state, or national level to require a police officer in every school would help to deter things like this from happening. Unfortunatley i dont think this is the last time something like this will happen, its what we do to prepare for future events that will make a difference. May God be with the victims and families.
First hand...
Capt. Ron(Corey) you know me and would like to think you would say I'm well educated on what happens in schools. We have a major problem in America and that is we don't have enough money. I know many can say the school system gets plently of money for each child but I can tell you that with all the challenges schools face there isn't enough money. Everything stems from the money aspect. Here are some examples:

Teacher to student ratio - can you imagine having to care for 25 children in one room. Those 25 students all have their own issues. Can you really get the full picture of each of these childrens' home lives and personal challenges and be there to help solve their problems? Students don't just come into a classroom and sit down and learn anymore. Teachers have become managers of a classroom. It used to be that the teacher was percieved to have the power in the classroom now the students do and sadly in the tougher schools the children know this and some parents enable these actions.

Lack of counseling - Budget cuts have prevented many schools to have enough hours for MHP (mental health personnel). A school I'm familiar with has 650 students and has 20 hours per week for a professional therapist to counsel all of them.That's impossible! The school district I'm familiar with is cutting full time counselors and many of them are split between two schools.

Society - television, music, video games and internet have a become the dominate entertainment for our children. I don't have to go into what our children see and learn from these outlets but it isn't positive.

Parenting - even good parents can have children that become mentally estranged especially since children have everything at their finger tips and are exposed to many disturbing things which include kids that are raising themselves because their parent is working all the time or just doesn't care to take responsibility.

Conclusion: our America is changing and we can't change it because money dictates all. Companies are trying to make money and they don't care if their tv program or video game is violent as long as it makes money.School systems, law enforcement, mental hospitals are restricted due to their budgets. Parents are trying to make ends meet and two incomes is the norm now so no matter how great parents are the good ones are fighting an uphill battle.
I agree 100% Travis. You see it on a daily basis so when it comes down to it you know 10x what i do. I can say this, i worked in the state capitol for the senate for 4 years. It is disgusting how much money this state wastes every year that could be put to much better use. And the only way to even begin to fix things is to invest more in the education of future generations. But your right it all comes down to money.
Right on the money, Captains. So long as we invest little in our children, we will see only little returns (and from time to time, frightening and horrific returns).
11 days before Christmas
Dang Fish, that brought tears to my eyes.
Well done.
Why not arm the teachers? At least some of them?
i agree thats what the admiral said on another post!! just make sure you send them to all the training schools, get them certified and give them the guns and the authority, deputize them!!! that would make some idiot think twice for sure b4 they try something again!!! of course some idiots will say for sure, how do u know theses teachers will not do the same thing???
dern bra u r sum good!!! that is the best thing i have ever read in my long life and will ever read!! its great and i can tell it came strait from you heart and it broke my heart!!! got to wipe the tears out of my eyes for sure!!! man-nnnn!!! just something wrong with this country and every other country in the world too!! just dont know what 2 say anymore , after reading your comment?? MY GOD HELP US, BECAUSE WE SURE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER, BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!
'Always Remember Good and Bad'
...great post Fish...your post got to me pretty good...but a few 80 year old barber shop commandos said they still think Obamma rubbed onions on his fingertips...and Hillary got a headache right before testifing ???...I told them that wasn't nice and that they were full of bull ???...
u have a very good friend, thanks to him a lot!!! i hope everyone is like me, just cant get this tragedy out of my head, just so sad!!!! man, how could this ever happen, lil kids, unbelievable and so, so sad?????
read this
Ok people i'm not one for Consiracy Theorys but heres a few questions i'd like to see answered. It really makes you think.

1) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother's ID, and it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan - who officials say is very cooperative - claims not to have seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID?

2) Why does the use of his brother's ID not qualify as theft?

3) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he wear a bulletproof vest if he planned to kill himself?

4) The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns - a rifle was found in the trunk of his car. If he did not fire the rifle that left casings on the ground, who did?

5) The local hospital went into lockdown and cleared four trauma rooms, but received only three patients, two of them dead children (according to the official story) and one mildly wounded adult.

6) Why were there persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school, when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?

7) What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school as he shouted to parents, 'It wasn't me!'

8 ) What happened to the dark van/SUV that the police surrounded in the parking lot, or the maroon sedan with a blown-out back window they were on the lookout for?

9) The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law. But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her 'autistic' son access to both guns and ammo?

10) Why were parents told on Friday that 'if you haven't been reunited with your child by now it's already over'? Does anyone imagine that real parents of real children would simply say, 'Okay, the show's over, let's go home now'?

11) Would real parents of real children really be satisfied with pictures of their children? Wouldn't they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?

12) Why did the police say on Friday that they were going to leave the bodies rotting in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce that they had spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night?

13) A child asserts that he/she heard someone say, 'Put your hands up,' followed by the reply, 'Don't shoot.' This indicates that the police took a suspect into custody inside the school. But if that was Adam Lanza, how did he kill himself after that point?

14) Another child asserts that he/she saw a man pinned down to the ground with handcuffs on. Again, this indicates that the police took a suspect into custody. If that was Adam Lanza, how did he then kill himself? If it wasn't Adam Lanza, who was it?

15) When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile and created many others in his name?

16) Why won't police tell us where they found the Henry repeating rifle, the Enfield rifle, and the shotgun?

17) Did the school have one or more security cameras? What do they show?

18) Why did a police officer specifically mention, on radio, that 'they're coming at me through this wood,' followed by a fellow officer saying, 'This is it'?

19) One officer in the school said, 'We've got one suspect down.' Who was that? Down in this situation generally means in custody (on the ground and cuffed), not dead.

20) Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family, whether the family wants such 'protection' or not?

21) Why are Adam's brother Ryan Lanza and his roommates in custody?

22) What does it mean that Nancy Lanza's brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?

Connecticut Police Spokesman: Newtown Will Prosecute Independent Journalist Whistleblowers

Not believing the 'official story' related to the mass shooting In Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School and posting about it via social media may result in arrests and prosecutions of perpetrators, reports CT police.'
Our Two Faced President & His Liberal Friends
We all saw the President with tears in his eyes at the memorial service for those children. But where is his compassion for the thousands of unborn children who are murdered every day in this country?

What about them? Which is more 'evil', a deranged young man with an automatic weapon, or a Doctor in a white lab coat, reaching into a mother's womb, and destroying a perfectly healthy baby? Isn't that Doctor (and the mother) taking away that child's future, their education, their proms, their weddings?

I can't help but be angry when I see the President, and all the other 'pro-abortion' people shed tears for these murdered little children in Newtown, yet argue that 'a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body'. Well Mr. President, that Doctor in his white lab coat may not be holding a gun, but just like that young man in Connecticut, he is killing a child.

Now the liberals are crying out for gun control, as if it's the gun's fault. But why hasn't our 'concerned' President called upon his Hollywood friends to to stop the violent movies or television shows, or rap lyrics that desensitize our young to violence and murder?

Just a few days ago, Jamie Fox was on Saturday Night Live describing how in his latest movie, he gets to 'kill all the white people'. And the audience cheered him on. Can you just imagine a white movie actor on the same television show brag about how he gets to 'kill all the black people'? Has any politician or gun control activist decried Fox's comment? Not that I'm aware of.
A LOT OG QUESTIONS LORDBUD7 DOES ANYONE NOT BELIEVE THE GOVERMENT I DON'T i wouldn't put this pass this goverment all of these killers kill themselves why??????? no witness that why yes without certain laws it makes it easier to get a gun but who doesn't believe you can't buy a gun on the street is it legal to have automatic weapons in places like Syria or other lands with civil unrest where did they get them if they are outlawed
'We Do Need Change'
Lordbud...could this be the beginning when we so close to the end...many said there was more to it...also it was the first time I ever heard Obamma use the word 'God'...those were great questions...cheers to'ya

P/S...also I think Diane Feinstine danced around child labor problems on pineapple plantations...even Jane Fonda going to make a movie as a American role model ???...guess we just have to get in step ??? I'am still Googling [ johnnycash-indiandrums ]...cheers to 'ya
'Drums on the Otherside 'da Mountain'
fishfearme...about a year ago the History Channel had a series about the return of a silver tongue Devil w/drums in the background...but they stayed politically correct ???...turn on Dr.Oz they discussing mental health and prescribed drugs...
its not that we(dumb rednecks and coon-asses) dont like you just go away moron!!! maybe get on the north carolina sportsman magazine, unless they kicked you off of that and i could understand that!!!
WHAT???? how u mean???
just like drew-b, when it gets hot u quit and give up!!!!!!! yep u is him!!! north carolina or bayou, la. up 2 u??? thanks for being so nice with yur komments lil girl!!!