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boaters insurance BEWARE

Ok fella's I wanna save someone the troubles I have experienced. All my fishing gear rod n reels and tackle we stolen from my garage. Boat was in garage but its not climate control so I removed all gear and store on rod racks and shelves to protect from mildew and my young son. Mind you its all stored 5 feet away from boat. Police made a report and caught the theif 5 days later when he tried to pawn some the rod reels. GREAT but I only recovered 5 outta 13 rods and no tackle. POINT OF STORY my boat insurance will not cover the lost bc the rods and tackle were not in boat at time of theft. Please fellow fisherman if you are insured read the fine print on your policy as I did not. Boat USA is my insurer for those interested. Im penalized and screwed for trying to protect my investments. It honestly feels like my equipment was stolen twice. Good Luck out there and I hope I helped at least one person
they are just a typical insurance company like the rest wants to make money not pay out money!!! u can try your homeowners, but after deducticles probably wont do any good!! then u would have 1 strike against u on your homeowners insurance, probably not worth it!!! so many claims and yur homeowners goes up!!
You should file under your home owners policy.

Have to say, if I was your boat policy holder and something was stolen out of your garage, I wouldn't pay either, just sayin.
big sampson???
probably rite but dont file under yur homeowners, will pay for it later and more guaranteed!!!! sad but true!!! just another insurance company!!!
I guess this just proves honesty doesn't pay.
Insurance racket
That same thing happened to me a few years back and the Allstate boat insurance would not cover anything that wasn't permentley attached, they only covered troll motor and gps/ depth finder and made me claim all my rod n reels and tackle on my Allstate home owners, go figure, I had to pay 2 - $1000 deductables. That was my 1st claim in over 15 years. They get you coming on going. Lol, needless to say I no Longer have Allstate insurance.
C'mon guys
I hate insurance companies more than most here, but you have to read your policy. When you bought it, it describes what is covered and what is not covered.

Sorry this happened to you, but you got what you paid for.
Theif was caught??
you said the theif was caught... shouldnt he be held accountable to replace the rest of the stolen equipment?
Im still following up on all my options with what i can do to the person that stole my stuff. I have read many yall comments bout homeowners insurance. My equipment was stored inside the garage with the boat but not inside it. I have turned it over to the homeowners, its covered although its a $1000 deductible. Luckily i have found reciepts from some past purchases in the last 6 months to help recoup full value. 13 ambassadeur revos sx on all falcon lowrider or custom duce rods is a hard rack to look at empty. LOL at least now i made peace with the sitution. I will also insure my new equipment thru homeowners for bout $1.50 per $100. $4000 coverage will cost roughly $60 per yr with no deductible.
not worth it IMHO
the insurance just isnt ever going to pay for itself in my opinion unless you need to file claims often which ''should be'' a rare case so for that reason i find you break even or save money by NOT having insurance for your boat and equipt.

when you do need to make a claim when something happens, often its for a lot less then the total amount of premiums you already paid to them yet they put you through hell trying to make a claim or deny you outright for some BS reason.

i suggest you do like i do and just put the money you would have paid for insurance into a slush fund for emergency and you are much better off then by making the insurance guy rich. if something goes wrong then you are your own insurance company and you wont have trouble getting the money you need.

only in very very rare cases if something happens right away while its still new could insurance be any benefit to you, otherwise in 6 months to a year you will have saved up enough to just about cover whatever might happen to you short of a huge major disaster.

if something happens at home your home owners covers it and if its on the road then your car insurance also covers the connected trailer and cargo IE the boat and motor so what exactly when and where is this coverage that you are paying for anyways?