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I would like to get a few opinions from my fellow sportsman! I bought a 18' w/t aluminum with a 115 new in May. I'm thinking of upgrading to something bigger and an actual bay boat. Don't get me wrong I love my boat but bigger is always better right????

So here are my questions:

Brand- I was thinking blue wave or nauticstar.

Length- was thinking 22'

Motor- 200 or bigger?

Also better to trade in or sell mine???

Let me know what y'all think!!!
On the right track
I think you are on the right track. I don't think you can go wrong with the Bluewave or Nautic Stars. 22ft is plenty good for recreational fishermen. I'd recommend a 225hp. Definitely try to sell your boat instead of trade in. Good luck!
always sell dont trade!! bigger aint always better, depends what u want to do and where u want to go???
Bigger is not better
Depends on how your finances are. Remember you wil not get what u want on your old boat no matter how new u think it is. Fishing 1-2 people your boat is perfect. Bigger boat means more expenses. I mainly fish 1-2 people and have no desire to get anything bigger than my 19 footer.
Sam- I agree its perfect for 1-2 people. It is very easy for me to handle by myself. The biggest draw back is I normally have more that want to go:) it handles great but I want to be able to venture farther out and think bigger would be safer. Plus the open design of a bay is nice. Don't get me wrong when its cold it sure is nice to close the windshield and stay warm!!! And I know I won't get what I put into it just not sure I will be happy staying with this one in the long run as my kids get older. If the whole family wants to go at the same time it is a tight fit now.
If you have kids that likes to fish then blue wave and nauticstar are great all around bay boats. I say get a 22 footer with a 200 hp motor
Sea Hunt
I would check out the Sea Hunt before you make your decision. My 24ft bx does it all!
Bigger Boat
Hey Dave,
I agree with most of the other guys...sell yours. I would make sure you get enough boat to accommadate your family. I bought my 20ft bay boat thinking it would be big enough for 4 people. I can fish 3 people comfortably! I guess it depends on the skill and boat experience of the anglers actually in the boat as well. My kids have a hard time making up their mind where they want to be and as a result, they keep the boat rocking!
I like both of the boats you mentioned. I would go with a 200HP or bigger and make sure your trolling motor is bigger than you think you will need.
My next goal is to add a Power Pole to my boat. Any good ideas on which model is better and where to go to buy and have installed?
Hope you're feeling better. We need to go fishing together soon. Take care and tight lines!
good pointers above
I always tell people who are shopping to max out the HP on the new boat. Helps in both resale plus economey,,, Its beter to use less throttle on a larger motor than more throttle on a smaller motor to achieve like speeds.
Besides, I don't think there is such a thing as too much HP.. :)
Hey Red if your looking into a shallow water anchor go with the minn Kota talon. It's top knotch! Email me if you want anymore info about it.