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12/12/2012 Report...Our brush with the state fishing recordbook

Another cold and windy and numbing day out of BAIT INC. off of Paris road in Chalmette. Not much changed from yesterday's weather to today. Only good thing was today we had some sun shining through on us!

Started off at the entrance of the hot water canal and put 12 in the boat before the bite dyed down. Then moved inside the hot water canal and started catching 16-20 inch tarpon but no meat for the box so around 9 a.m. we then moved to where we caught em yesterday and had no luck so we then moved to the new locks and added another 13 trout and a big redfish. It took us 2 hours to catch 13 trout at those locks :(
Well as we are about to leave, I hear phillip bitching because he is hung up on the bottom. He thought he had successfully un-snagged off the bottom and we both thought he was bringing up a clump of oysters because his rod was bent over pretty bad. Well as he is struggling to pull, what we thought were oysters, to the side of the boat we both realize that whats on the other end of his line is certainly no oyster. It was the biggest sheephead we both had ever seen and it was not pulling or fighting at all. Just carelessly being pulled to the top of the water like there is no worry in the world hahah. We didn't have a net in the boat so I grabbed the gaff and tried to get it under his gills. That's when he started kicking our ass and took off. After a short fight I successfully gaffed him and this thing was HUGE. We went back to the marina to weigh it and grab some snacks and it hit the scale at 10.8 pounds! Mr.Jimmy has been in business for decades and said it was one of the biggest if not the biggest sheephead he has ever seen. Another .13 ounces and Phillip would have been in the state recordbooks!

Awesome fish and I am sure it is gonna produce some real nice fillets.
After we loaded up on snacks we headed back to where we caught our fish yesterday and they were there and waiting to eat. TKO's and Matrix Shads carolina rigged did the trick and we finished up our limit in less than a hour.

Final Fish Count:
50 Specks
3 Drum
1 Red
1 Monster Sheephead

Because we tried this spot first thing in the morning and struck out, I'm convinced the best bite is after 11p.m. so my suggestion to you all is get a late start.

BAIT INC. has everything you need and they are great people over there. Highly recommend their marina. Within a couple days they will be carrying matrix shads!

Have fun and be safe if you are fishing this weekend!

-John Rucker
Rucker Rulez!!!!!!!!!
Nice Box John what yall catch umm on ? My buddy Rainwater headed down there tomorrow to Byou Beinvenue
TKO's, matrix shads, and live shrimp.
I talked to Robert today gave him some spots to try hopefully the fish will cooperate
Cool me&him pose to make trip later he live few min from me
Die Hard
Another great trip to your credit John, and a monster head
Thanks Louis, was a monster!