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In '67 we headed to the island. If u ever hunted there u know thats all u had to say, headed to the island. I'd been hunting about 8yrs and killed dozen bucks, no doe shooting then. My cousin had never deer hunted before. So we told him a place called the tractor shed to build his stand. So he got a few boards and went off with his .410 to build his stand and scout thanksgiving day, season opened next day. He comes back at dark with a coyote he shot at 15yds. with his .410!!! No one had ever seen one and he claimed it was a wolf. We argued that for years. Anyway we all laughed behind his back about putting him in the gar hole. The next morning he comes in with one of the top 5 8pts. ever killed in 35yrs hunting on the island.We were just sick, none of us had ever even SEEn a buck that big before, and of course he became an instant expert. So be careful where u send folks. Never saw another coyote on the island but later enjoyed trying to hunt them. When we have a problem with predators, we unleash the Hawken, jack. This came running by and i missed him. Later he came back by and i missed him again!!! Couple days later got off my lane and in the woods and caught him standing still.
Never fails, one of the biggest bucks killed on our lease was killed by a guest that had never killed a deer before. a 10 pt. killed w/ black powder 20 minutes in the stand, go figure.
The biggest deer I've ever seen killed was 12pt 285lb killed by a hunter on his first hunt ever. got in his stand and shot it after 15 min. he hit it in the head and took most of the head off. green horn that can't shoot, go figure.
Yep, it happens
I was one of 7 hunters in a camp, during 2002 season up in the NE corner of New Mexico. Hunting Mule deer. I had killed a decent 4x4 on the 1st day. One guy was getting razed because he was not too welcome by the others, ( they were all kin) as he had never hubted much and never killed a deer.

I felt sorry and took him to a place that was easy for him to access, right off a old logging road, about 8am one morning. I sat him in a spot that over looked 4-5 valleys leading down into a fine little concealed meadow. Told him to follow the trail back to camp before dark.

He comes out around 6pm said ke killed a huge buck. We go in to help pull out one of the finest bucks I had ever seen taken there. A 5x6 long heavty tined rack that was 37 inches inside spread.

The guy fell asleep well after I left him and when he woke up, there were 2 bucks and 4 does feeding within 100 yrds of him.
Go figger !
yea, know the feeling
One of my dad's closest friends brought his 11year old son hunting on a lease we had in woodville, MS several years back. His 2nd time ever hunting at all. He kept begging to go shoot some squirrels so we put him under a huge live oak on a part of the property we rarely hunted with a 20guage and some #4 bird shot. Well needless to say he fell asleep and woke up with a 160inch 10point about 15 feet away from him. He shot it in the face for his first deer ever.

He hunted 2 more years after that and never saw another real big buck, so he quit hunting.

Ain't it always the case
It seems like everyone else has the same luck. Kinda like the time my wife's uncle took one of her cousins to Davis Island. The kid had never hunted much if any. Long story short, he killed a big buck. Her uncle was all excited about it and the kid was shrugging his shoulders wondering what all the fuss was about. He thought that was what was supposed to happen. He had no idea how lucky he was to have been able to hunt a place that most of us hunters would give our eye teeth to get access to nor did he appreciate how long most hunters wait to get a shot at a big one if they ever do. I don't think he has been back hunting since.