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how did the jambalaya benefit go, great we hope!!!!
I apologize for not getting on here and thanking those that came out in support!!
We sold 400 plates and had a few doners that pitched in big dollars for a plate.
We hope to have the trailer in place by Christmas but it may be more like the first of the year.
thats great, i know it gives u a good feeling that there is still a lot of good people still left out there that still cares!! only if our government would have the same compassion for people as ordinary people have for each other?? i know your fellow employee and family sure appreciates what u and others have done for them!! must make ya'll feel some good and it should!!! congratulations!!! thats a heck of a christmas present ya'll gave them, be some proud of ya'll selves!!! ya'll sure deserve it!!! its sure got to make your heart feel some good!! thats probably the best christmas present you could get too!!!