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Over the limit

It bothers me as an angler from north Mississippi that travels to Louisiana several time a year to fish with my brother who lives in Gonzales that people feel the need to violate on red fish. I spend the time and money on gas, license, tackle, etc.. to go down to fish, but it does not give me the right to keep over the limit or undersized fish. The reports that I read on here really make me mad that people feel the need to over do it. The penalties are not stiff enough for these folks! Just Say'in!
Over the limit postings
Can you give us some example of people posting over the limit catches?
over the limit
I was talking about the articles on the home page, not actual post, sorry for the confusion.
Yeah,there's outlaws of all kinds unfortunately.
Couple weeks ago me and ButchR were out in Sabine NWR and ran across a huge school of feeding redfish right off the highway. It was in an area of no fishing.Group pulls up and starts fishing,saw the sign and everything and just didn't care. We tried to call Operation Game Thief and they told me they weren't responsible for the wildlife refuge. Tried calling the refuge and got nobody on the phone.
not a big problem
There are always a few bending the rules.... But, overall, this hasn't been a problem. LA has generous limits, which often are not reached. Frankly, I don't need that many fish to clean anyway.

Although they don't always bite, the marsh is thick with fish. The biggest threat is wetland loss, and sadly still not much is being done. We should be building sediment diversions now and actively saving what we have. Instead, our do-nothing, highly partisan, always wants to be promoted for accomplishing nothing, let's tear apart the universities, governor doesn't care about wetlands loss.

And, to be fair, the governors before did little as well. But at least they acted like they wanted the job.
Fellas I fish delacroix religiously on an average of 2 times a week. I've come off the water and seen the game warden confiscate fish, rods , tackle and once in 2001 even a boat. I do and always have fished legally. It bothers me also when people go over the limit. Just voicing a different point of view fellas, nothing personal.
Redfish Limit&Size Limit
Ands its gona happen again&again&again too, I have couple people i know that go and he tell me later that week@work they tore ummm up Show pixs there all Mostly 11-14 in, And i know its hard to throw those fish away But i catch@release w/o a Problem with it, Its The Law!!!! Same thing w/specks they maybe 12' when caught leave ummm on ice too long they become Illegal, I guess from out Point of View all we can do is deal w/it
OGT / tip411
Operation Game Thief is a good program. It's not fool proof, but if there are agents in the area and you make the call they will respond. It works and I've seen it in action first-hand.

Also, with the tip411 program, you can anonymously text tips on violators to the Department and there is an APP for smart phones.

Here's more info on both programs:

Operation Game Thief (OGT) has been in existence since 1984. OGT is a non-profit corporation, funded and managed by volunteer sportsmen from throughout the state. They meet quarterly to review wildlife violation cases resulting from information provided by program participants and to determine and dispense reward amounts.

The OGT process is fairly simple. If someone witnesses or has information concerning a violation, they should call Operation Game thief's toll-free 24-hour phone line or use the department's tip411 program. The toll free number is 1-800-442-2511.

To use the tip411 program, tipsters can text LADWF and their tip to 847411 or download the 'LADWF Tips' iPhone app from the Apple iTunes store free of charge. CitizenObserver, the tip411 provider, uses technology that removes all identifying information before LDWF receives the text so that LDWF cannot identify the sender. Texting or downloading the app enables the public to send anonymous tips to LDWF and lets LDWF respond back, creating a two-way anonymous “chat”. Users of the app or texters can also send in photos to help support their claim and be used as evidence.

The information is received by a Wildlife and Fisheries operator and immediately relayed to a wildlife agent who will investigate. If the information results in an arrest, the caller is eligible for a cash reward.

Since the program began, more than $280,000 in rewards has been paid. Information provided by O.G.T. informants has resulted in the apprehension of more than 700 violators, who were convicted on a multitude of state and federal charges.
Chris- thanks for the info. Just downloaded the app.
Game Thief
^5 Chris its Not Fool Proof They gota catchummmm w/the Goods So its almost like you need lic # description of Boat/Truck Etc b4 you call it in