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Sooo...Mitch the senator said that the repugnants have control the house and that the senate is split. Is that partisan or what? The truth is that the senate is controled by the democrats, as well as the white house. I am so sick of the repugnants twisting things around. By the way, I am a gun loving, church going, God fearing Democrat. There are more of us that you think....enough to re-elect President Obama. Get over it.
It is the DemoKrauts that want and eventually will take away your rights to own a gun (via UN international arms treaty), worship the religion of choice, and want to strike the word God from every public place in America. Not to mention slowly but surely chipping away our liberty on a daily basis. Hail the king that doesn't like your white ace. You and the other misguided that think this coon (apologize, halfrican cuz he be half white on his mama side) hung the moon, will not realize that until you are standing in line waiting to go to slaughter.
Sweet dreams son.
Democrats are America's termites.
the best man lost for sure!!!!! and we still have ole laughing boy too!!!
You have got to be kidding me. People like you are the reason this country is going straight down and we will all drowned. That is for certain!

If you are to blind to see what your president has done and is doing you are crazy. This country of ours will be like a third world country before it is over with. That is unless the Good Lord Above gets sick of what is happening and just ends it all.

How can you like or vote for a man that does not believe in God if you are a church going man as you stated?