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Deer Hunting in Louisiana

Fellow Hunters

Is there anyway the public (Such as Ourselves)could do something to maybe start a petition or something stating that we would like the number of deer killed per year to be dropped to a lower amount?

As of right now you are allowed to have 6. Where i live and hunt that is way to high. I don't know why it is all the way up to 6 per man. We do have a good many deer now. However, in the past we didn't have any to none. I know and hear of so many guys killing all they can just for the heck of it. Guess they just like killing things. Allot of them claim its for the meat. One persons family isn't going to eat that much deer. Not usually any ways.

That's not counting what will also be killed over the limit and by night hunters as well just spot lighting and leaving them lay.

People need to understand what they are doing to the deer population. If it is not managed and taken care of it will cease to very little or none.

I will tell you my thoughts on this. If a so called hunter just goes to sit and kill something and isn't doing for the sport because or the fun of it he needs to be locked in a prison with the rest of the murderers.

I just know from listening to people talk and seeing things for myself if something isn't done there will be nothing left for my kids are there's to hunt. That is very upsetting to me.

I was raised to respect and appreciate things and take care of what is around me. I realize a lot of people werent and that is most of the problem.

Any comments or thoughts would be great. Any smart y pants people need not reply. No one cares what you have to say.
December 04, 2012 at 3:23pm
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Posted December 04, 2012 at 3:46pm

What would be a good number ? We rarely kill over 3 or 4 , sometimes 5 between my son and me . When I was younger like in my 20s I would kill more than my share but would always give meat to the old people that lived near me .

I do know a few people now that eat deer meat year round . So they are actually hunting for the year , not just for fun . And they are serious !

I can't say that I've ever met a person that hunts just to kill , and will leave a deer in the woods . I'm sure there are some that do .

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Posted December 04, 2012 at 5:05pm

why would no one elses opinion that isnt the same as yous count.i say leave it like it is . the wild life and fisheries knows more than you or i. if you think it is to high than dont shoot as many.police yourself and not others/

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Posted December 04, 2012 at 5:49pm

While i've been telling everyone that will listen that uncontrolled hunting is severly cutting our herd, i dont blame wlf any way for this. They have a hard job balanceing so many interests. I think they should set long, liberal seasons, not punish those that have deer. But just because they say u can doesnt mean u should. They dont pull the trigger, we do, so its up to us to think before we shoot. La. has very little land that will support lots of deer. Even tho we have as much bottomland forest as we ever did, most of it is replanted crp. They only let u have 5% in foodplots on it so its hard to have many deer. Hunting does every day causes deer to be so wild they go nocturnal, then its hard to kill anything.If u want better hunting, try to improve your food supply and protect ur knotheads like they are gold, which they are, but they have by far the highest mortality so they need the most protection.

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Posted December 04, 2012 at 6:19pm
Deer season

Im not sure what y'all , huntr or big red are wanting to achieve , more deer , or more bucks , or more trophy bucks ?

As of now we can take 3 does and 3 bucks . If LDWF lesson our take to , say 2 does and one buck , do y'all think the (outlaws) ones that are abusing the system now will abide by the new hunting regulations ?

I tend to agree with Tom about keeping it like it is . But maybe there are other solutions , like education to our children about deer management , not just hunter education but have a section in their hunter Ed about deer management ? Just my opinion but it could work .

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Posted December 04, 2012 at 6:37pm

I really do not know what seems to be the issue here, because i have been deer hunting in louisiana since i was 11 years old and i am now 48 so thats 37 years and the limit has always been 6 deer. up untill about 5 or 6 years ago it was 6 of any choice. so the 6 deer limit is not something that is new , it has been in exestince for a very long time and there are now more deer here then when i was 11 so i don't see what the issue is

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Posted December 04, 2012 at 6:56pm

Have ya'll looked at the harvest reports from the last few years? Every wma and nwr in n.la. killed less than 40% of deer theykilled 5 yrs ago. People are hunting several days in these areas without seeing a single deer. I would like to be able to see deer without having to drive 11/2hrs to do it. I drive thru russel sage, beouf, big lake, buckhorn, and tnwr to get to my camp, its very rare to see deer any more even at night. As a matter of fact, i've only seen 2 on buckhorn at night. Before i bought my land, i would hunt in 5 different paishes in 5 days, and killed 6 to 11 bucks every year, but we only had 2 doe days and knotheads were illigal. Whats wrong with wanting to kill 3 bucks over 200lbs each year instead of 3 spikes or knotheads? Just have a little patience for a couple years and thats what u have. I manage for the best habitat i can, big bucks become a result of this and are very importasnt to a healthy herd. Biologists want to keep a young herd for maximum production, but this is the exact opposite of whats right. The problem is u have people reading the same old book and are ignoring new research. You even have a wlf agent that is teaching ur kids and he cant even tell a deers age by its teeth, claims to have a 11/2 yr old 11pt that camr from nwla., where every 11/2 yr and most 21/2 yr bucks are just spikes.

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Posted December 04, 2012 at 8:05pm

You're not required to shoot 6 deer. If yourself and the people who hunt with you feel like yall are killing too many deer, just don't shoot as many deer. No need to make laws.

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Keenan Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 4:59am
Just my opinion

Well last year we had at least 10-12 different racked bucks on film we only shot 2 of them this year with 8 cameras out all year we've only had 2 pics of a racked buck pretty sure the others weren't killed being that our area when a rack is killed you hear about it so that kinda throws the theory of they will be there next year.The land needs to be able to support the deer population are they will move off i believe the biggest deal is hunting pressure also doesn't have anything to do w/population numbers but makes them move at night which is less sightings also i do feel feeding hurts us too.I would be willing to bet that 75% of the hunters in louisiana don't kill more then 4 deer a year.Another prob is people watch the hunting shows and or ignorant listening to them about management , 1st off they don't tell you that 95% of these places are high fenced .If you have a couple thousand acres and think you can manage a herd while the sournding areas are shooting anything you are badly mistaken.I can raise any animal to be big and healthy feeding it supplements all it's life then go shoot it when it turns 5 or 6yrs old personally i get more satisfaction out of scouting and doing the work to kill any free ranging animal , i'm not here to argue about high fence hunting all up to the individual. I just think it would have to be a state wide effort putting antler restrictions would also like to see something like making it leagal to hunt over feed for the 1st 2 weeks then go to no hunting over feed. As i understand how expensive it is to hunt and those that are just looking for fun of shooting and putting meat in the freezer could get theirs then start hunting them.

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Posted December 05, 2012 at 5:19am

shouldn't that be ' Myself ' and not ' Ourselves ', I'll think for myself , thank you though

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Posted December 05, 2012 at 6:20am

Did'nt really read thru all the comments, but i will say i agree with the poster. I wish there would be more managing rules. We would see better deer on WMA's and smaller property. I have around 30-40 acres of family land, it's hard to manage that when the people that border your property are 'brown it's down.' But surprisingly, i still have some quality bucks.

A rack limit would be nice. Drives me absolutely crazy when somebody starts hootin' and hollerin' over killing a spike, button buck, and small bucks. That is why we have lower quality deer than mississippi. We have the potential to produce monsters, but we need everyone on the same page.

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Posted December 05, 2012 at 6:57am

First off I am only 26 years old and I have been hunting in East Feliciana for 12 years. We have some absolute monster deer on our property. Just my opinion, too many people are worried about seeing 10-20 deer a hunt and killing monster racks every weekend. IT'S NOT CALLED TROPHY KILLING!!! IT'S CALLED HUNTING!! Which means to hunt not kill for those who don't understand. I could care less what the hell is on the deers head. I enjoy hunting and enjoy taking deer for there meat to feed my family. I am not a 'brown it's down' person either! I do not age deer either. I try not to shoot anythign under 100 lbs. I use my best judgement and that is it. I have not killed a deer the past 6 years. This year I have killed 2 already. Those of you who compare us to Mississippi need to go to Mississippi and hunt! Too many people call themselves sportsmans but go around bashing people for killing a young buck or too many does. It doesn't matter what they kill as long as it is a legal deer taken by legal means. Also, to comment on the original post has anyone ever considered how out of control the hog poulation is and how much that impacts the deer?

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Posted December 05, 2012 at 7:31am

Some of that was pointed at me, so here ya go. I do most of my hunting in mississippi. I forgot to mention i rarely shoot anything off of my family property due to the entrance being flooded a few years back. Four wheeler cant get back there so you'd be dragging that deer out by hand through some of swampiest stuff you can imagine. A lot of deer back there though. We are working on it after this season Anyways.....

Not everyone is the same, i do care whats on the head. It's a sport, and i like to do the best i can. Im also big on conservation and managing bucks. i have not a problem in the world watching a basket 10 pt or small 8 pt walk by. it's not for everybody. If i can make what i have better with just a little patience then ill do it.

As long as people have that attitude, then we never will or can be compared to MS, so you get your wish on that one. In certain cases the small buck thing is okay with me like a kids first deer or something like that. Maybe it was a harsh comment on my part, but it irks me.

Bucks, ducks, and trucks are things all guys will disagree on. Everybody has a different point of view.

The hogs are starting to get ridiculous. I dont see how there is not a bounty on their head yet.

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Keenan Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 7:39am

Nice read different opinions without lashing out at each other , we will always be different and i like deer hunting small medium or large deer period get my blood pumping with that said i do want my son and others to be able to enjoy it for years to come as well mother nature pretty much takes care of it's self but we can do some too i would also like to see a buck of choice then point restrictions that way everyone could be happy but either way i'll be in the woods untill i can't anymore, i hunt louisiana and mississippi.

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tom1959 Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 7:40am

well ricky what might not be a trophey to you may be something special someone else!!you do want on your land and i do want i want on mine. and bt the way thanks for all that high protein feed you have been feeding the deer i really apppreciate it!!!

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reflex Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 8:17am
stop killing does

i am all for lowering the number but i have no problem with someone killing bucks. its the doe days in LA that are the problem. we can not continue killing does every day of season.

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tom1959 Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 8:53am

why dont we go from 25 trout to 15. 6 ducks to 4. 5 reds to 3. i dont need 5 reds.see where this going. do what you feel is right for you and leave the rest of us alone!

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C_Lape001 Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 9:19am
Never Satisfied

We do have a good many deer now. However, in the past we didn't have any to none.

Quoted from your post.

If this is true the Wildlife & Fisheries is doing their job. The number of deer we are allowed to kill is depending on the population of the deer availible. If you are seeing an increase in the deer population from years ago and hunters are still taking deer, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

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Keenan Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 9:29am

You absolutely have to shoot does now you can't over kill but to say not to shoot does every year is far from a solution.I've seen this 1st hand

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Admiral Rabbit Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 10:10am
' The Gimmee Gimmee Monkey Compulsion Society'

...by the time 'ya stuff six deer in three freezers and pay the electric bill do you really believe we come out ahead...our #1 problem is 87% have no pride in moderation or knowledge how to vote or handle money matters w/o writing bad checks...just remember the female protects,gives and contributes more to life...'dem no good men's deer's just keep on move'n on ??? cheers ???

P/S...maybe one day they replace what was on the back of old nickels...

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Posted December 05, 2012 at 10:13am

There is only one reason to ever shoot a doe, when theres too many. I've hunted all over n.la. and about 12 other states and i have never seen a place with too many deer. The pendulum has swung from never killing a doe to kill every one u see. All these reasons are just excuses cause theres not enough deer for people to kill bucks. If u could kill a couple bucks u wouldnt need to shoot does. Anybody that thinks there are still lots of deer in la. needs to travel outside their area, or just read on this and other sites, evey corner of the state is suffering.

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Albino Buck Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 10:30am
controlled management

personally i'd be happy with 1 deer per year, but there needs to be controlled management, the WLF or DNR limit has been like this or a very long time. i know that some years (about every 4 yrs.) i see much more than other years. i think it is good just the way it is.

I believe it is well balanced.

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Iceman Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 10:38am
Insurance Companies

Insurance companies do not want high deer numbers in well populated states because of the number of deer/vehicle collisions that take place. I have heard that insurance companies have lobbyists who donate substantial funds to state governement. I'd be willing to bet that part of the reason for high limits is to keep them somewhat happy.

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hunt r Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 1:32pm
insurance companies

I hear that but they have insurance companies in other states and u still see lots of deer each day, even on public land, and feeding in fields on the side of the road.

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tom1959 Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 1:45pm

be careful what you wish for.i have seen limits to lower things, but never to raise them back up.

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hunt r Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 1:59pm

No offense, but seems to me the point of this post is to change things. However, i dont rely on wishing, i do whats best for the deer, and shooting does without controls is a recipe for disaster, which we have. Deer have a strict social order, and killing them without ryme or reason causes many problems and almost every one leads to nocturnal movement. The intense pressure on does causes them to hide instead of coming out in fields where its easy for bucks to find them, leading to a rut that now occurs in feb,/mrch., after the season is over and the woods settle down somewhat.

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Iceman Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 2:15pm

My point was that it may be a possibilty that insurance companies push for longer seasons and liberal limits in states that have as high of a population as Louisiana does. I think it's a safe assumption that Iowa doesn't have near the human population density as we do. But, I may be way off base. States that are known for big bucks and high deer populations seem to have short gun seasons and short seasons overall. We get to hunt for 4 months. I get the feeling that Louisiana and MS don't neccessarily have the deer's best interest in mind. It seems to be all about license sales, hence the 35 Whelen 'primitive weapon' season in LA and MS. That move had 1 motive and motive only, to sell primitive season licenses.

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hunt r Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 2:39pm

Keenan, the average is closer to 2 per year. Your problem with big bucks is because isaac killed almost all the fawns that year. Bucks get really big at 41/2yrs old, so losing a whole year class meant that 4yrs later would be tough, and that is whats happening. As u can see the pics posted on here are way down from past years. The state season is perfect, liberal for those with lots of deer and need it to control numbers. However this incessant drumbeat to kill more does is junk science at its worst and laziness on the part of biologists. This is just what Dr. Kroll found in his recent study of wisconsin wlf, they relied on 60 yr old models and computer projections instead of boots on the ground.Iceman, while its true iowa can be rural, the hunting is just as good near the towns, and states like illinois,ohio, kentucky, colorado are very populated, much more than louisiana. Its true they limit their gun hunts and never take place in the rut, but thats a whole different situation than we have. Theres nothing wrong with shooting does when u need to, but every day is insane, no other state has ever done this. Also it takes at least 5 yrs to rebuild a herd, so the sooner we realize the prob the sooner we can fix it. Its a very simple solution, quit shooting knotheads mistaken as does ans u will increase ur racked buck numbers by 5 times without changeing one other thing.

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LaTexan Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 3:30pm
Deer limit

I would like to see what kind of deer la. could grow if there were antler resctictions. Why kill a 4pt. if you can harvest couple of does? But I am torn. In Texas the have county wide restrictions of 13'spread or at least one unbranched antler to be legal.(spike) I believe the state does not have the right to impose management unless it is pollulation driven. Deer hunting has become a business but it is our deer as a citizen that God gave us to hunt and eat. Not the state to generate revenue thru better trophy opportunities. It already becoming to expensive for regular folks to afford private hunting leases.

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Keenan Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 6:32pm
All good points from each side

My club here in louisiana is 640acres we are 5 members and can shoot each a doe no buck restrictions we tried that only to watch spikes eat for 15-20mins then walk across the fence and get shot.

Mississippi we go by state rules 2600acres 8 deer per member prob around 40 members we kill around 60 deer a year about 50/50 ratio but we don't have any good bucks tons of them but the area is over run with perfect rack on one side then huge spike on other side but the state law protects this problem these spikes w/1 horn 8inches long and other 1'' need to be shot but can't legally so sometimes it goes both ways

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Choupic-Man Profile Photo
Posted December 05, 2012 at 6:37pm

Fishfearme every time you start a post you start out by saying ' I could be wrong ' ... But I have yet to disagree with you so far . Even last week , as much as I hated to admit it , you were right about that doe my lil boy killed . I appreciated that info ! We were hunting with friends and none of us realized the way the rules were suppose to be , but do now . Thanks

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Big Red 38 Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 10:13am
Man oh Man!

Seems allot of you missed the whole point of what i was trying to get across.

All i am saying is people WHICH DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES should stop because there will not be anything left for our youngster to come for hunting. Also, i am not totally blaming the WLF. I dont believe they know what exactly needs to be done in every area.

Do all you want to know how i know that? Well guess what my grandad was a agent, my dad is a agent and my brother is a agent. So i would say i do have allot of the inside scoop of what exactly goes on and how they do come about the rules and regulations should be.


I know what i hear and see that goes on in my area. That Is why i made the statement. I didnt say everyone did wrong. Just simply the ones that do need to stop. We have a local hang out that all the hunters come in and shoot the bull. You have no idea how many times i have herd well between me and my boy or boys we have done got 10 so far this year and it will still be a couple weeks in the season left for hunting. You can bet this to. They are not management shooting these deer either. Just shooting whatever. Tell me something. If you have 3 indviduals that are allowed 6 deer each and they take that many that makes 18 total legal kills. Why would they need that much meat or would want to do such a thing? And yes i do give to the elderly and families that are in need of meet.

Also i did not say no one else opionions do not count. I said if you have to be a smarty pants dont say anything. No one cares.


All i am trying to do is wish and hope people would think a little before they pull the trigger. If they are doing it by the rules that WLF allows, hey great, thats there right. Like i said i dont agree with it. People need to kill what they need not just what is allowed or more. If not there will be nothing left in the future.

Like i said i not talking about everyone. Just the ones that do and you know exactly who you are.

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Big Red 38 Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 12:41pm

Man you have no idea what you are talking about. The reason we didnt have deer before is because everything was farm land. The farm land is now in CRP and Tree Farms. That is what brought the deer in from surrounding parishes. Richland, East Carroll, Morehouse and Chicot County Arkansas. I am almost 40 yrs old and have been in the woods long as i can remember hunting land in East Carroll parish on my grandpas place. I live in West Carroll and trust me there were no deer at all to speak of here when i was a kid for the reason of no habitat was here for them to dwell.

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Big Red 38 Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 12:45pm
C_Lape, sorry i miss spelled your name.

However, read my explanation on why there were no deer years ago.

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Ricky Pon Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 1:07pm

I swear im not trying to hijack this post, but it did come up earlier in the thread.

What do you all think it will take for a bounty to finally be put on hogs?

The nutria was a simple one, they were destroying the marsh so thats why the government jumped on them quick.

This hog problem is spiraling out of control. I believe in some parts of our state (and mississippi) that it is too far gone. Shooting a hog every other hunt or so is just pissing in a hurricane. Trapping works well for a while, but they eventually figure it out. Should be interesting to see how it pans out.

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Admiral Rabbit Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 1:14pm
' Relativity and Beyond '

...Geronimo mumbles: 'the lust of killing should never overshadow the balance of conservation or food supply traded for the sake of recreation and ego...

P/S...it must have been 'fun' shoot'n buffalo so the train w/the 'gold' could get thru ???...cheers

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Big Red 38 Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 1:31pm
Ricky Pon

I really dont know. Hogs arent so much of a problem where i am located at the moment. There are a few though from what people say. But from what i hear if there are a few now it want take long and it will be eat up with them. If i happen to see any you can believe one thing i will lay one down.

I read some where if you see 10 hogs, 7 out of the 10 need to be killed to keep the population down.

Years ago we had a beaver problem and a bounty was put on them. 5 bucks a tail is what the Parish Maintenance department would give for them.

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Ricky Pon Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 1:42pm

I know iv'e said this a lot but ive hunted Mississippi for about 10 years now. Iv'e seen 2 hogs in that time period minus this season. I saw 30-40 in one weekend this year out there. It's almost like they come in herds, and you just have to wait for them to move on to the next property.

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Big Red 38 Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 1:46pm

You really got me boiling not knowing what you need to before you say anything.

My last post to you i stated why we didnt have deer where i live yrs ago.

Let me tell you another thing from past experience and seeing what happens. In east carroll parish right across the west carroll parish line there is a reserve called BAYOU Macon. At one time that was owned by a timber company and leased out to hunters. You could not believe the deer that was in that stretch of swamp, allot of deer and some good trophys were taken in those woods.

Now it is open to the public because the state of la owns it. Guess what, no deer anymore to speek of. Why do you think that is?

I can tell you why.

Lets here you explanation...........

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hunt r Profile Photo
Posted December 06, 2012 at 8:39pm
lop sided racks

Keenan, ur uneven racks are more likely caused by nutrition than genetics. Do they also have short or missing browtines? Thats another clue its nutrition. I would think isaac hurt miss. just as bad as la. For those that are concerned about hogs, the state has 10million dollars to get rid of them. Call wlf and they will get rid of them. If people would just look at coyote and read a little about them they would drop that line coyotes are the problem. Just like any animal coyotes are highly specialized th find mice in snow. Look at those huge ears, they would get shredded in briers, where deer hang out. Also there muzzle and front feet are very pointed to pounce and then grab, i've watched them for an hour out west doing this. They would kill a fawn if they could find one, but thats why they stay hidden until they're big enough to escape.

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tmla89 Profile Photo
Posted December 07, 2012 at 5:19am

I read the first few comments but not the rest so forgive me if Im repeating others. First for the 'meat hunters' you may want to check the prices of this sport feeding youre family can be done much more efficent. Secondly if youre some one who just enjoys hunting and shoots whatever no argument can be made against you its an opinion lots of us may strongly disagree with but the fact is if you take the deer legaly and humanily we will just have to agree to disagree. However what bothers me the most is the ones of you out there who claim to be hunting for meat but when a nice mature doe walks out trailed by a 1 1/2 3pt what do you do shoot the small buck. my question is why and rember those famous words said over and over by these people 'you cant eat those horns boy'. Thats all Ill say about the subject my passion is too great to continue talking and being civil at the same time. P.s guys who care do like me hunt out of state!

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drabbitman Profile Photo
Posted December 07, 2012 at 12:42pm
leave it at 6

How many deer hunters do you know, now how many of them kill their 6 deer, and how many kill 2 or 3 deer a year. Their or a few hunter out there that will kill their limit but most want. Now here is what I doent understand the limit is 6 been that way a while. You said that you remember when thier was few deer around you place, now you say it's has a good amount? So what or you trying to acomplish by lowing the limit it doesnt seem like you deer herd is getting wiped out it seems like its growing by what your saying?

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Big Red 38 Profile Photo
Posted December 07, 2012 at 1:04pm
Just forget it!

I have had enough of this. I made my point and that is all that matters.

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Choupic-Man Profile Photo
Posted December 07, 2012 at 1:53pm

Big red , I don't mean any harm but if some people you know are killing more than their limit , call the game warden on them . There is a hot line and even a number now you can text your local game warden to come get em !

But if you are not seeing deer on your deer stand for a few hunts and it seems like the deer population is declining , don't panic . To anyone in north La. If y'all not seeing any deer don't panic ! It's not the coyotes eating the deer , or the hogs running the deer off . Hunt r has them over at his house getting fat and teeth rotting out eating all that rice bran .

My son is young and the majority of my deer hunting revolves around him at this time . So if he sees a young buck or a doe , I want him to shoot a deer , if he sees a monster buck , that's even better .

We hunt in area 6 and can only shoot a doe with a bow here now due to Isaac . That fine with me , Because I surely don't want to not have any deer to hunt . We supposively lost 90% of our fawns ! That may be true but of the 8 deer that I've seen so far this year , 5 were born this year . We lost some in the storm but if they wanted to shut down the whole season this year that would be fine with me too , if it were in the best interest of the deer . So if y'all want to shorten the limit from 6 to 3 , go ahead but do it above I-12 . We are just fine down here .

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Big Red 38 Profile Photo
Posted December 07, 2012 at 2:10pm

I wasn't meaning any area but mine. Thats the only one i know anything about pretty much. Except for right across the line in East Carroll.

I know it is what it is and most likely will stay that way. Your going to have the good ones and the bad. I do tell the Wardens when i see or hear of anything that isnt like it should be. I know a few of them real well. I cant speek for any of your guys area cause i have no idea what is going on.

I am just like you have a young son that is coming up and is very interested in the outdoors and hunting. All i want is for people to do right. Like i said though it will or want and thats just it.

We have so many out laws here and folks that want follow the rules that its plum crazy.

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Posted December 07, 2012 at 6:48pm

So the fact hogs been here several hundred years, and used to be open range and plenty deer, deer are browsers, hogs are rooters, hunted northeast la. for 50yrs and never seen a wild hog yet, northeast farm country has never had hogs, and yet we had deer. The only thing different now is its been doe day every day for 5yrs, nah, no way that could be it, got to be the non-existant hogs.

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Posted December 07, 2012 at 8:27pm

Huntr I've have been hunting three rivers for 20 years and I too am not a professional deer manager but have seen a serious decline in the deer population there . Three rivers only has a 3 day doe slaughter once a year .

Hogs have always been there but not the numbers like they have today . They have really taken over the place , whether that is the reason the deer have left , I don't know . But the management area is on a small scale (36,000acres) compared to the entire state of Louisiana .

They just recently introduced black bear in there too so hopefully they'll eat some of the pigs . There are enough pigs there to support a pride of lions year round . That would be interesting .

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Posted December 07, 2012 at 8:54pm

Didnt mean to shoot the messenger. The op clearly stated they never had hogs, none of the farmland in notheast la. has ever had hogs. This is where we're talking about.I knoe 3rivers has had them, but not n.la. Have u forgot primitive weapon and 90 days of bow? When tara took over our island u could see 500 deer a day. Within 3 yrs, bow only, they had it to the point u hardly saw does. Like the op said, west carroll has never had deer until last 10yrs, it was all farmland. Bayou macon is only 3,000acres surrounded by cotton, there never were many deer there. They just this year extended their season like area 1, so they not changeing back now. Besides, he said he's not worried about the deer, he just wants to set a rule to make everybody act right and for certain people he knows to quit shooting too many deer for his likes. We hunt because we love deer meat, if nice horns are attached, so much the better.cman, just for the record i only put out about 1/3 sack of bran in 3 spots for my cams. Neither me nor my wife have ever killed a deer over bait, except crops or foodplots. Did i mention i only hunt with a muzzleloader?

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