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Proper Posting etiquette

There's a bunch of newcomers who aren't accustomed to the friendly ribbing we give each other here. They take posts the wrong way and threaten to never post again because they think people are serious about the criticisms.
It's just not like that on the internet. Nothing seems as it is. People use the forums of many websites to role play and let off a little steam. Nobody hates anyone here.

As for the proper form of giving a report,why make a report at all if you're not going to give any information? Serious,just don't post at all if youre afraid of someone in your spot the next week. Go back and check my reports. I love to see my fellow fishermen do well and love to meet new people on the water. I have no problem with that since I don't depend on fishing to make a living like guides do.

Anyway,that's the end of my rant. I have some more emails to go answer about how I catch those mules out on the Causeway.

East of East
I agree with everything you stated!
G I I'm lost ^5 Mo Jo!!!!!
it's a bird it's a plane...???
...'ya all just got to be careful...just don't pull on Superman's cape ???...cheer/cheers
guess i,ll change name to FULL ICE CHEST HA HA
Postee's of The Sportsman

'How it's suppose to go'

I pull on ya chain, you pull on mine back.

'How it 'usually' goes'

I pull on ya chain, and you hang me from a tree by my chain so i tie yours to the back of my truck and drive down the ride then you take my chain and..........MAGIC DUST!!!!!!!!!
One of the reasons I retired is because this younger generation belives everything they hear. I could lie to them with a grin on my face and they would think it was true what I just said. They stay on the 'PHONE' texin all day long and don't know how to talk to people and recognize bull when they hear it. And also another thing, you know you can't put anything on the internet that is not 'TRUE'.
Sold post Meauxjeaux. This should be required reading for anyone to open an account here.
In ya spot!
If i was fishing in a boat i would post my location, but why would i give anyone the location to my pier??? This has happen in the past where ive had 3 or 4 boats trying to fish under my lights while i am. If i wanted to get tangled constantly and hit with lures i would fish sea-brook bridge. Ive had boats pull up and ask if i mind if they fished the lights and i would turn another light on the opposite side of the pier and let them fish there.
Flyin Lures
True Nick But what people might be lookin for is just general idea it woulden have to your Pier, If you catchin them there I'm sure there other piers in the area to they could fish possible..... But that sure is some Nice Bulls!!!!
lots of piers
There may be many piers 'around' in the lake but i can assure you i have one of the best spots. The few people that fish the piers at night constantly tell me none of the other piers produce like mine. could be the thousands of lbs of oysters ive put out there who knows.
Soooooo Baited Redfish huh that the Secret, So you've actually put oysters there to grow??? I'm sure some1 will let it slip and the Word will be out...........But doesn't really matter too me When thoses reds get too Big there just like the Big Drum, Yea there Blast to catch but the 16-18 in. ones are much better eating Like i said Nice Box of Reds
r u being sarcastic r wat, just depends on what people comment about you!! u can go either way, good defense!!
Measuring Tape
Try putting the tail at zero and then measure to the head. That looks like some tape trickery going on there. It's still a nice red. I'd eat him. I'm saving my icechest space for them mule trout!