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Killax & Chillax @ The Trestlax

It was Killax & Chillax at the Trestlax.

The fishin' at the Trestles was good - I fished it Thursday morning, Friday and Sunday. Each day I got plenty of Sheepshead plus a few Spackled Trout, a Baby Bull Red and puppy drums. On Friday and Sunday I even caught a couple Flounder. Total number of Cajun Grand Slams was two on Friday and one on Sunday. Woo-hoo!

Caught everything on dropshot rig - 30lb mono leader, #8 treble hook and 1oz sinker. Bait was either fresh shrimp or live shrimp.

Here's the pics from Thursday.....

More Thursday Pics
Here's more pics from Thursday
Pics From Friday
Friday's Killax & Chillax
...And Here's Sunday's Fish
And to complete the Killax & Chillax, here's Sunday's fish. Not nearly as many fish as Thursday and Friday but the few fish were all quality size.

One of the Striped Snapper went 23.5 inches, my second biggest ever.
Cajun Grand Slam #3
Sunday's tally - 8 Striped Snapper, 2 Specks, 1 Baby Bull Red (Palm Beach Release), 1 Flounder and released Puppy Drums.
Yak fishing
Thats some good fun. Nice catch
Trestle 11 Friday
100ffc.......We seen ya out there Friday I caught 2 Rays that was it. What was the Bait of the Day??? We had fresh Froze Shrimp, Dats all Dside Had when we Put in
get some the day before if possible
live shrimp availability is often a problem on the northshore for all marinas. I usually find some the day before and keep them on aerator overnight. They stay alive in the cooler weather. Not sure if you live close enough to do this.......
Dr's Orders
Dr Spot - excellent idea. Instead of pre-fishing, 'pre-bait'!

This time of year the live skrimpses can get scarce at the bait stores. I might just get stuck and wind up fighting with the feral cats at Dockside over the dead shrimp laying on the ground. LOL.

One thing I'm looking forward to this winter is digging Sheepshead out of the Trestles pilings. The catfish will be long gone and I can use fresh shrimp from Rouses for bait. Wishing for live shrimp won't be as much of an issue then.

Mark/ 100FFC
they spawn offshore
Sheephead usually move offshore in late December to spawn. But, if you catch any in January or February in the Lake, please report. It will be interesting if there are any stragglers. Sometimes the small immature ones stick around.
Doc - Exactly! The vast majority of Sheeps will head offshore in the winter to spawn at the near-shore rigs for the spawn.

But there's always a few lazy-a$$ sluggabeds that stay behind at inshore structure as long as it is a little deep-ish.

Most of the Sheepsheads will be on the small side but I reckon there will be a few Goats among 'em. :)

Mark/ 100FFC