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Joyce WMA

Anybody have any luck at Joyce? I haven't had any time to scout because of school but just wondering if anyone has had any luck over there.
That's why you don't wait until the middle of duck season to scout there are 9months in between to scout and find holes. Good luck getting someone to give up precious information like that about public land in the middle of the season and draw attention to it. From what I've ward through the grape vine it's a woody hole and that's about it just like all of the swamps around SE la now. I've never been personally...I have how every been to the shout her portion if the wma off of the pass and wasn't impressed...just my 2cents.
Thanks for the response. I'm sorry I have been busy the past few months, just trying to see if anyone has killed any ducks this season. Don't want any secret holes just an answer to the original question.
Ill try to fill you in since im in school too and im all about ducks dying no matter who shoots em. Manchac, much like any other WMA,is all about knowing your way around and hunting the right weather. Its been hit and miss this year in the prairie, cant speak for Joyce. Try to get a blind in the middle of a pond, the ducks love open water in the prairie the first split. Always a sweet place to hunt regardless. WEATHER IS KEY
good advice
thanks for the advice Sprig_Shootin. School doesn't get out til the 8th so I won't be able to start hunting/scouting til then. If anyone else can give some advice that would be appreciated.
Use your maps, mapquest etc etc... look for the big potholes and study the routes in, then when you do get that day or two off to scout you can maximize your success instead of just wandering around for a day... i like to wake up and have some coffee and let the hunters use their shells for a few hours then about 9 or 10 i start scouting out of courtesy for those who want to hunt earrrllyyy..... also just keep your eyes peeled for decoy spreads and boats and give thm their space. Scouting during the season is key and anyone who says you shouldnt scout during the season is kidding themselves. Louisiana doesnt even get water in the swamps till half way throught he season now so how are you supposed to know where the ducks are goin to be when you scout and its dry??? exactly. Just be courteous and remember to treat other hunters like you want to be treated and go out there and get in the the woods! Hope that helps. Corey
Translator needed
How about getting a translator to explain what your trying to say.

Manchac has been FULL of people, They dont care where you are set up.If they have built a blind and you set up in the area before they get there shame on you.That spot is reserved for them,If you have birds locked up and coming in yep, They're shooting at em.
Love WMA hunting. I will be back Saturday anyway.
Happy hunting.
Supposedly a bunch of people are running their mud motors through the LAA in the prairie. If so, its a shame.

As for joyce... I went and the water was stupid low. Had to lean against the kayak and walk through the gumbo marsh mud trash.

Also, when I was in school I had more time to hunt and scout than anytime in my life. Dont think being in school is an adequate excuse.
Great Advice
Great advice everyone! School is definitely an excuse to not be out there, well at least college.
Water low
Yeah the water on the prairie was stupid low too, my canoe was even dragging through the mud and barely moveing in some spots. And we got there 45 minutes before everyone else and set up and somebody still set up less than 80 yards away when there were plenty of other open blinds they could have got in
I have hunted the past couple weekends with my father-in-law (2 rookies) and wegot a couple teal and some poo but the water is really low. Cant get in the front unless youre there at 4am, even then it gets crowded. I stick to the back area, but if you come out and get ready to get set up, stop and listen for a min because someone might be on the other side the reeds from you and you dont even know it. We have a pirogue and push pole, so its a little easier getting in, but you still need some waders if you get stuck. good luck and if you hear some retarded duck whistle in the back thats me trying to call in ducks - dont laugh im still learning!