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My New Trout Catching Rig

Last week I spent a day scouting different areas of Delacroix, of course I ran into shrimp getting hammered by Trout. I had two poles on the bow with me, one rigged with a Matrix Shad under cork and a Top Dog Jr. When I cast the Matrix Shad the Trout would hit my cork, when I cast the Top Dog Jr. I was getting very few hits and certainly missing the Trout below it so I figured out a way to fish both.

I tied a Matrix Shad with a 24' leader to the back of my topwater baits. Now I had a tandem rig which I love, am covering two water columns, and had a cork with hooks so to speak. It took a learning curve to get used to rigging and casting it but it did fish and catch like a dream, I did catch some doubles with it too. Later in the day I rigged a longer leader to trail the bottom with good results.

Tie the leader to the loop coming out of the topwater bait not to the snap ring holding the hook. Cast it with a swing so the lighter trailer doesn't tangle with the topwater bait. Also 1/8 or lighter hook on the trailer allows the topwater to perform better. The TKO shrimp is light, it performed very well in this setup, also plastics with a bare hook. I was considering changing the tail hook on the topwater to a single hook but it's hard enough to keep the Trout hooked with the treble hook so I haven't attempted that yet. Definitely a fun rig which keeps a topwater working the water, worst case scenario I may save some money in corks. Give it a try!
New rig
Interesting twist Johnny, you must have entirely too much time on your hands...LOL
Nice Rig there I can't catch ummm on Shrimp must less that rig lol
'tag-a-long baits '
Mack...might be 'safer' to take the two trebles off...many times they miss the first hit they turn and hit the trailer, why I can't answer when they have to pass the trailer to get to the first one ???...'ya have a neat set-up...chances are some of our expert fishermen gonn'a get hooked in the 'crotch' !!!...cheers

P/S...on 'ya next set-up use a small flyrod spoon...but carry a long pliers because they will gulp it...cheers
I agree with Secret Formula..TOOOO MUCH TIME....Make sure you stay under your T-Top Longer during the day.. you must be suffering from HEAT STROKE...LOL
I cant even work a double rig without getting all tangled up and now this. That's one extra hook to contend with. I think that u are fishing too much and havent been posting limit pics cause that's something I always look forward too. Save some for the rest of us.
I know John is just practicing his Jeti Knight mind trick on the trout. Lets see what else I can smack em with. 'These are not the droids you're looking for'. Catch a box for me buddy
I may steal this idea
I noticed the same thing friday in Lake B. Trout were biting the popping cork so i grabbed the topwater. but then they would hit in small groups so it was back to the cork. When i would see them chase the cork i would grab the topwater and start catching fish. it was a switcherooo all day long and even though i wasnt complaining about catching fish, it was kind of a pain in the but. I guess i will have to keep one of these rigs pre tied in the box.
Another Rig
I know you have a whole lot more experience than me John but I have been throwing a rig similar to this all my life for trout and bass and I think you should try it. I learned it from my uncle when I was very young.

I use a storm chug or a super spook and then take around a foot of leader line and instead of tying on a DOA or lead head, I use a dry fly resembling a small fish or shrimp. It kills the fish! Its a little bit easier to work the top water too because there is no weight pulling down on the top water as is the case with a lead head or DOA under it.

I have caught a lot of doubles with them hitting the fly and the top water too.

Ill try to get a picture of one rigged up on here if I can later.
I hope you try it!
Topwater Rig
Tyhibbs8 and push_pole_prov: Tyhibbs8 I appreciate the input and would really like to see a picture of your setup. I'm always open to suggestions from anyone, someone always knows more and someone is better, I believe that's why we have two ears and one mouth, to listen twice as much as we talk. My favorite quote is 'Wisdom is the reward for those who listen when what they would rather do is talk.' ANYWAYS....

I already knew there was a better way to rig this contraption, it worked pretty well but not great only becasue as you mentioned, the weight. It's okay if I really take my time but when there is a frenzy it takes too much effort to cast, well at least for me. Thank you very much!

To push_pole_prov, I would like to think I am really smart but the truth is, like you I kept getting outsmarted by the Trout. I couldn't make up my mind what to stick with, one would be on fire then stop, then the cork would go in the water and the same scenario played itself, the Trout would be in 2 feet of water on a flat behind me smashing the surface. I am going to tweak this setup until I get it perfected or til Tyhibbs8 or someone teaches me a better mouse trap. Thanks for the comment!
Holy mackerel
I want want me some speckled trout!!!!
what the f#$k
This is brilliant. I want you to show me this next week when we are in delacroix.
My first rig of this type was a red and white Lucky 13, with a shad rig tied below. I find that the splash from casting is less likely to spook a shallow red. Fished like that at the telephone company camp in Leeville a long time ago. Great in those shallow bays.
holy makerel
definitely the right set up me and couple of friend been using similar set up for years. lomg before the days of rattle corks(anyway here remember that there was such a thing) my favorite cork was a zara spook rigged like that . sometimes would take off the back treble hook sometimes leave it on. ill pass on putting a double rig umder it though. Only problem is that it takes away from action of the topwater bait but less so with a lighter bait like a tko or other very light bait
and that top bait--super spook junior in that color or red and white is as good a trout topwater bait as you can find especially when its calm. when its choppy a she dog I prefer but when calm that bait is a beast
My Rig
Heres some pictures of how I usually rig it. I usually rig the shrimp fly under the chug bug because it tends to dart and pop with the chug bug like a real shrimp does and I rig the streamer bait fish pattern with the super spook because it swims like a fish better with the spook.
Most of the time it really doesnt matter, just my opinion on it.
Them teethy trout tend to shred the flies so I tie them all myself to save a lot of money. Any questions just let me know.
Just let me if it works for ya, id love to hear someone else catching on it.
Topwater Rig
That guy in the white boots,shark tamer, and Tyhibbs8, that's exactly what I figured, I didn't reinvent the wheel with this setup and someone might show me a better way. That Shad Rig setup sounds pretty cool, funny but at age 45 I sure remember fishing with Shad Rigs and that popping cork when I was young, there were no limits, and the marsh was loaded with fish. Man the Trout and Redfish used to slaughter that thing, still do actually. I still keep a tray full of shad rigs, in a feeding frenzy they sure hold up well.

Thank you for posting the pics. Tyhibbs8, as mentioned the weight keeps the topwater from working as good as it could. The fly idea never crossed my mind but that is something I will definitely try. Thank y'all very much, I have some great ideas now and with this front, time to rig baits.
holy mackeral
No you didnt invent the wheel but you definitely figured it out. As for a a trailer no question tyhibbs fly one is probably the best bet and although i have used in past as my dad ties insane amounts of flys that particular set up has slipped my mind so tyhibbs thanks for the reminder. And that chug bug is a super damn trout bait and also a bait that the trailer affects the action of very little since its not a walk the dog but a straight forward working bait. PS Although i have used for years I would guess i didnt come up with it either as most of the little tricks of the trade such as that I learned from my dad who was always two steps ahead of the game and back when there wasnt as many options was always tinkering and coming up with his own baits that were better than what was available.
Bait shrimp set up
I have done this similiar set up when fishing for reds in the marsh. I take the tail end treble hook off the Top Dog and tie leader to a simple jig head with dead bait shrimp, using the Top Dog exactly as I would use a popping cork. Got tired of watching the reds destroy my popping cork one day and decided to try this, works well when the reds are wanting top water!
Awesome rigs fellas. I've had some luck doing something similar to you holy mac. I take a top dog and put an 18-24' trailer with a matrix shad with a 1/8oz flutter hook. I can't quite master walking with heavier jigheads.

Thyibbs - that's an awesome lookin rig man. My pops is big into tying flies and fly fishing. I may see if he'll tie me a couple to try that out.

Thanks for sharing guys.
Topwater Rig
lormanbogg, bluemoons, Tyhibbs8, and shark tamer, That's how it came about, a popping cork with hooks since I got tired of seeing my cork getting smacked. I agree that over 1/8 oz. keeps the topwater bait from working as it should. I was really seeking a better mousetrap and Tyhibbs8 produced one, now it's really going to be fun! Thank you all for chiming in, always something new to learn.
For the clouser minnow i just use cheap regular white and chartruse fly tying material from bass pro. I use the arrow fletching glue and then put a latex paint over the glue when it dries and put a red or black dot for eyes on it. I usually add no weight to the clouser.
For the shrimp pattern i use very thin and light strands of material usually gold, brown, or white.
Lead dumbell eyes and a circle hook for the shrimp. It tends to swim better set up like that and i loose less specks on the shrimp usually. The circle hook doesnt swim with the clouser minnow as well.
You dont have to focus as much on looks for these flies. Tie it so that it presents the best in the water. Moat of the time the specks dont care as much about how good it looks as they do about how it pops and swims through the water.
Let me know if you have any more questions