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Are there a lot of scammers in the classified ads on this site?

I was just browsing the tractor ads on this site and noticed an abundance of “too good to be true” asking prices. Some are just ridiculously priced and obviously something is up, but there are many that are seem a great deal but still seem to be borderline reasonable. It is those that I am hesitating on contacting. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this.

Thank you
It is LOADED with scammers.
Email the person and wait for the response. If they want you to wire money out of state or country, tell them you hope they die a slow painful death and move on.
Lots of scammers. If its too good to be true than it is. One rule I follow is if they do not have there phone number on the ad then dont bother.
They over run the site now
The scammers used to have stuipd low prices,,, like 2500 asking price for a 25,000 piece of equipment, now they are putting some more realistic prices, but still in all, Scams.

I have suggested more than once that LSM could perform simple searches on key words such as 'hotmail, free shipping,worldwide',etc., those key search words will bring up 75% of all scams listed on here.
It would be easy for an administrator to delete them in bulk.

Beings this site has free advertising, it's open target for the scammers, as no one is required to pay for advertising, no required phone contact numbers (which may not help anyway), it is difficult for LSM to monitor the scams.

Apparently the 'flagg as scam' feature only works of 3 or more people flag the ads as a scam. My self, I used to try and flag them, but they stayed up. I now don't bother, as it seems the mods are not overly concerned about it either.

Bottom line, if it sounds to good to be true, it more than likey is.

Avoid most ads with no contact number,ads with a free email account such as hotmail, yahoo, etc.
Whatever you do, don't get caught up in overseas transactions. period.