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Lake St. Catherine

Hello. I'm getting back into fishing after a 20+ yr break. I was wondering if the pass from Lake St. Catherine to the Intracoastal Waterway is navigational under what seem's to be a train tressle? I'm trying to cut down travel time from the Rigolet boat launch out to Chef Pass.

Thanks for any help that you can cast my way
Blind Rigolets
Yes, you can go under the tracks. I use that route all the time.
Unknown pass
If I'm not misstaken that is known as Unknown Pass and I see it discussed often.
'Down 'da Mississippi to'da Gulf of Mexico'
...go slow under the trestle...there are many old hung-up lines w/hooks hang'n...if I recall Unknown Pass is deepest on the East side South of the Intercoastal, get in close and throw the anchor in the grass...also w/these cold wind snaps L.Catherine can get moody like a woman !!!cheers

P/S...think Packenham and Keen used Bayou Pitre...if they knew about the 'Pass' the whole fleet would have gotten thru...the Battle of N.O. would have been a different story...(dat's 'ya history lesson for tdy) (cheers for Millers High Life)
Thx for the reply's friend's. This helps tremendously.
I'm hoping to find some trout in the morning after work.

Thx again!
well, today was a complete failure to locate trout of any quantity. i ended up taking my boat to work last night, then launching at bayou beinvenue after work this morning. heard a lot of reports of trout along the wall and locks.
well, i have 3, 13' trout in my cooler. i fished the wall where there were 3 other boats, no one catching,...and i tried a couple of spots towards bayou thomas, nothing there neither.

live shrimp on the bottom (carolina rig), live shrimp under a cork, artifical,...turned up 3 fish
Ummmmm I know that Feelin roost some people make it look to easy!!!! Maybe we can try together