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It sure was cool to cold riding in the boat this morning. CT Williams was on board today to do the Fox 8 fish and game report for Thursday's evening new. It was a red fish kind of day for us today. First stop was good and bad all at the same time. When I slowed down we saw two reds getting washed by the wake of the boat. OK get them later I'm thinking, lets get in the G13 classified spot and do some damage. A half hour later and no red fish I was getting a little worried. If they are not here they must be on the outside, and yep, that's just where they were. I'll leave the rest of the story for you to see on TV. HLT Anchovies, Swimmer Jr's and Berkley Gulp did the damage today. We fished the edges of large bays in less than 2' of water. It sure is nice to see 6 to 8 pound reds in shallow water. For your trip call Capt Tommy Pellegrin 985-851-3304.