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Bad outfitter

Thought I would let y'all know about a bad experience that me and a buddy had while hunting with a outfitter in northern Missouri. Cripple creek monster racks. Stay away from this guy. We hunted for seven days and the only deer that were seen was on the highway driving back to the motel every night. On the last afternoon hunt we were checked by a Missouri DNR officer. We were all legal with everything that we had. The thing that Troy the outfitter fail to mention was that it was illegal to hunt over bait!!!! All of his farms were loaded with piles of corn. When the DNR officer asked him about the bait he denied it all. Basically telling the DNR officer that we but it out there. So we had to pay $329.00 for a ticket. The best part is the he agreed to pay our fines and now we can't get a hold to him. So I would not recommend him at all.
November 14, 2012 at 6:52pm

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