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have a grunt question need info.

i have a quick question about grunting. last year i changed my bleating technique and sequence to 1 estrus bleat every 20 - 30 minutes. and had wonderful results i tagged all my buck tags out with that technique. but i did take a nice 8 point but i want to get that big boy this year. and was thinking of doing a bleat with a grunt sequence. anyone have any suggestions on a good sequence? iam hunting area 1 if you can help it's much appreciated. thanks.
At the right time of year
I don't do any buck grunts during bow season before the rut is hardly even thought about.

bleats is all I will do, if anything. Around the rut I would throw in a snort wheeze. Maybe even some rattling. I shot an 8 point last year with the wheeze that pulled the buck off of the path of the doe he was following. Would have been a much tougher shot had I not used the wheeze before I even saw him. And I heard him do it back at me just before I shot or saw him. He was looking for me!!!