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Next to hunting, my favorite hobby is photography. The problem with telephoto lenses is the dont work in low light, when u see most animals. Got a new canon and it is amazeing. These pics were taken after 5:15pm from a distance of about 100yds. The deer just watched the bear walk by.
deer pic
Looks like the deer are moving in the mornings. This is the view out my bathroom window.
you must have lots of will power, it would be tough for me not to sling some lead, i guess the temptation would pass after living in the area for a while
Caught this guy in possesson of a hen wooduck out of season. Two words, Tuffhuntin, sanctuary and decoys. One day when i look out a big buck will be after them. They always make scrapes and a licking branch under that tree.
bear pics
For those who wonder when bears mate, nov.17. Got these pics fri. Sat. my wife sat there. Male bear came out a made a 360degree circle around rice bran before coming in. Then his mate showed up and they played until 5:15pm, then mated and left. Today i was riding in the woods and heard a buzzing sound. This guy was verrrry mad!!! Be careful out there folks.
rattlesnake pics
Dragged him into the road for a better look.
Thing is, you start shooting those deer outside the bathroom and you'll never see them again in daylight hours.

My aunt & uncle have a place in Ms where you can see them every evening sometimes up to ten deer or more. One visit we counted nine with four being bucks.

They are fun to hunt and good to eat but lots of fun to study! If one has enough land, the idea of a sanctuary is priceless.

That new camera is very impressive!

Yeah its very rare to see them in the day already, theres several stands within 400yds. Big droptine buck came in at 1:30am fri. and 2:30am sat night, notice major times, but not in the day yet. Thats a medium priced canon powershot from wmart, the technology these days is amazing.
Just got my wife and my deer back from last year. Very light colored deer for us.