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Deer down

Well saw a good buck on the drive to my hunting land early this morning. Flushed turkeys roosted over little creek. I was late getting to stand an scared up a deer 30 yards from stand. grrrr... The a few hours later 4 doe came by me. Only 3 left hehe. See picture.

After shooting my muzzleloader doe I got my trail cam and swapped cards and moved it to a different location. Picture of one shooter buck. The rechargeable batteries are getting old. They didn't last very long. Missed a weeks worth of pics.

Jumped up a huge flock of turkeys, about 20. And found an old bucks skull.

Did a little machete work at two stands. Saw a deer on powerlines as I went to get my deer.

The skull is from an older buck it has been out in the woods a long time. One side is a typical six point and the otherside has some sort of injury and it grew two browtines on that side. There is a hole right near the second brow tine and the anlter is sort of swollen right there too. Looks like a wasp stung it and it swoll up. :grin:

It was an older deer too, base was pretty big and spread was pretty wide. Very gnarly at the base, lots of burrs and stuff.

Here is the pictures of the skull and my doe.