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Great Hunt Today!!!!

Outstanding Hunt Today!!!!

With the strong NE winds, it made for a wet boat ride today, but we go where the birds are!!! We setup in a small pothole off a big Lake on my lease and the grays wanted in bad!!! We missed a few opportunities on teal as they were too fast for us this morning! As 7 approached, the grays started pouring in on us in flocks of 10 plus! We let the birds work as close as possible and it provided us with perfect close range shots in all the wind, which was blowing a good 20! What I've been doing the last few days is I'm using a BIG decoy spread with lots of colored decoys like scaup, widgeon and pintail. When you have alot of wind, and a chop on the water, you need that extra color on the dekes to catch the eye of those birds! We finished up the hunt with 16 grays and 2 mergansers, best hunt of the year so far! These next few days will be fantastic as we have a ton of new birds! Call Now!

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