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Pointe a la Hache

To all of us strange people that still go to 'The Pointe'. You don't need to go far. Go from 1st to second lake and turn right. Fish that whole shore and run through third lake down to Battleground to finish in reds.The trout are nice and everywhere. No WLF enforcement, but doing research on your catch. Beshels store is back up, no fuel,but beer.Tell Robert, Duttie, and Brian 'Hi'.
The point
The fish are also staged at the points in Bay Law and Battleground Bay. Best place to fish if living on the Westbank.
the point
its funny how i never see a boat where i fish at in the point and i seem to limit out every single time i go
4 trips this year
100 trout 20 reds every trip
Don't let the secret out. LOL. One of the reasons, I like it down there. Might see 2-3 boats running around all day as long as you run south. Now if you run north towards Oak River then you run into the brigade coming from Delacroix.
oh i wont lol i dont even see 2 to 3 boats
maybe 2 or 3 all year
Point La Hache
I grew up fishing this area and its my go to place when the boat traffic starts to drive me crazy in hopedale ha. I just wish it was a little closer to me. I'll be out there in the flat soon. I love how little this area talks. Haha.
I specialize in hiding at Hopedale
There are lots of isolated places in Hopedale too, just don't go to Stump Lagoon or Lake Robin and expect no boat brigade. Our marsh is a beautiful wide open place.....for now. Sadly, it will all be gone in a few decades unless serious marsh reclamation starts very soon. A good start would be getting rid of our idiot governor and getting someone in charge who actually cares about wetland loss.
'Make'm Think'
...remember all 'dem young greenies go where it's easy...and when'ya see a lot of traffic after mid-morn'n nutt'n really happen'n...shsssssssss !!!...don't say nutt'n about old Bosco's Half Moon 30ft hole...

P/S...tell'm 'da truth and they don't believe'ya anyway ???...cheers
No wake zone
The canals leading to pete's lagoon or muscle bay and bay robin from hopedale has become a no wake zone with everybody anchored in the canals. One day I'm just gonna drop my head and run wide open through those canals and not look back at all the hand gestures that go up. J/K.
Halfmoon Pass hole
I'm old enough that, for once, I actually know what Admiral is talking about. A favorite of the old Pip's Place crowd, lost to time.
Old Pips
Even with all the boat traffic, I still have to stay faithful to old pips. Though I think there has been some sort of fall boat show going on there lately, more than usual.