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Clark Beverage Co. wanted to entertain there clients Bobby, Joe & Brian with an ANGLING ADVENTURE in S.E. Louisiana. When I spoke to Cecil and booked the trip, I suggested 2 boats so everyone would have plenty of room to fish. Cecil wanted all 5 on one boat. Blue Wave Pure Bay to the rescue. Plenty of room. After fishing with this group I see why they all wanted to be on the same boat. This group have fished together for over 20 years and are a blast to fish with. We headed to Bayou Bienvenue to escape the west winds. We fished live shrimp on a drop shot to catch 125 Specks, 8 White Trout, 3 Bull Redfish & 3 Black Drum. This group came in to fish 2 days. I stayed out a few hours late on the first trip to finish the Speck limit. Back at my lodge the guys grilled Redfish and Specks for a great dinner. With strong winds the next morning we could not get to 'our Spot'. We fished the protected waters of the ICW to catch 36 Specks,10 Sheepshead,4 Redfish & 1 Black Drum. again shrimp on a drop shot caught all the fish. This group were headed back to Starkville MS just after lunch. They are making plans to return in the spring. A FUN BUNCH TO FISH WITH ! ! !

Brian McDaniel and coworker Greg came in for meetings. They guys are with Wendy's. The day before the meetings we set out to catch some Speckled Trout & Redfish. Brian wanted Greg to catch a Redfish. The winds were back out of the west. I fished the western shore of Lake Borgne near Unknown Pass to escape the winds. We had to work for our fish but finished with 75 nice Specks& 2 Bull Redfish. We caught 5 Bull Redfish BUT released the biggest 3 to reproduce. Greg did catch a BIG BULL. Plastics on the bottom did the trick. We did get the bite started with live shrimp on the bottom.

Mike McKee came in with his wife Kathy. We fished the same areas with live shrimp on a drop shot to catch 43 Specks, 4 White trout,3 Redfish,2 Blk Drum and 2 Flounder. Mike & Kathy are headed back to Ill with plenty of fresh fish to enjoy.

The fishing in the Rigolets area is great. I have several boats open to take your corporate group or family and friends. All with a NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE-!!!


Call to book your ADVENTURE 985-781-7811 or 877-4-AAofLA

Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo