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Bayou Bienvenue 11/10/2012

Fished Bayou Bienvenue for the first time this season and fount plenty beautiful fish at a few of my winter time spots! Had a guy who is new to fishing with us and it felt great to see the smiles he had from the trout catching action!

We fished off the intercoastal using live shrimp under a sliding cork and of coarse I used my tko shrimp and matrix shad carolina rigged in about 15 feet of water.

Should be an AWESOME winter in Bayou B!!
trout byu b
John, I see H.M. showed you how to put the big fish on top....LOL
LOL Capt Kim. Yes Indeed!

Actually there is a 7 pounder at the bottom of the ice chest ;)
7 LB
John, That must be the one trying to open the Gator Aid.....LOL
he needed some electrolytes!!
Rucker Rulezzzzzzzzzz
Man my hats off to you Maybe one Day I'll be able to catch ummm like that I still think you should be Charter you are that Good few caught last Sunday Fat Specs@South Pass Manchac@Lake P on Plastic hoppin on the Bottum&one Nice Red
7lb trout
I will have to start putting all my big fish on the bottom they say'NO SEE UM NO CATCH UM'......LOL
Dam John! Looks like ima have to hit up my bayou B winter spots soon.
Thanks for the nice words JLS. I thought about being a Charter Captain and everyone and their grandmaw suggests it BUT I currently have a great job making more money than I would as a Charter Captain and I only work half the year which lets me fish a lot. You never know, I may one day. I have had a few well known captains tell me as soon as I decide to make it happen to call them so having trips wouldn't be a problem. That's what some people don't understand, if you don't have clients then you can't really make money and if you only specialize in a certain time of the year, what are you gonna do for the rest of the year?

There is a lot of variables to take into account before I would make that move.
Thanks for the nice words either way
Yea it should be a GREAT winter out there. That's my home turf (from the chef to seabrook) and we will make a trip sometime. Will keep in touch with you on FB
Np John.....I've learn few places to catch some fish@certain times of the year, When its close to Home like@Manchac Pass&when you got the right stuff to get ya down to where they are its not a thing of just one thing they want, You could watch some catchin Fish one after the other&see some other just casting&castinBut not pullin anything in well that how i was the Day before right along side my friend out there they caught there limit of 75 from 7:30 am till 10:45 am&earlier that mornin i watched 2 other guys just catchin ummm one after the Other&now&then some1 else would catch one. My problem the day b4 was i was using 1/8 oz jigheads when i thought i was using 1/4 Duhhhhhhh My fault Totally I fisgured it out that eve when i made trip to walmart to get pack zoomie, i grapped a pack jigheads happen to look on Back they were 1/8 oz Duhhhhh Darn how dum can ya be.Welp got the 1/4 w/the zoomies went out next mornin easy in so not to disturb no1 Shut motor off drop troll motor got to where i wanted to be dropped anchor got it hook up after bout 3 cast Bam!!!! nice trout made few more Bam!! 28' red what a fight,Landed him alone then netting it Man wore me out, I lost my jig on next cast so grapped other rod w/smelt color zoomie mde few cast nothing then it hung up lost it, I happen to look in box to see how many trout i had then I notice they were spitting up Shad so grapped H&H glow Cocahoe Minnow i was casting bout every other cast workin the Bottum then weather came blowing in so head to Pack it up, I really think i could've caught my limit they were hittin that good, Since Weather Change w/wind&dirty up water i have been back, I got report my buddy friend caught 10 this Pass Saturday but was a Hard 10 to catch w/3 ft seas&dirty Water, Maybe this weekend It'll clear and be better if not be lookin to go somwheres and try my luck, Maybe one day we can fish together Cya.............
Bayou B.
Great catch John, you smoke em again, they should categorize your rod as a gill net!!!
sliding cork
John, awesome box of trout,I am a rookie and dont know how to rig a sliding cork or when to use it, if you dont mind could you explain how to rig it up and when to use it, if it is to much to explain on here I understand, thanks very much just trying to learn.
charter capt
the fastest way to take the fun out of fishing is to make it your job, keep it a passtime and after you retire be a capt if you want.

being a charter capt is like being a babysitter with a bunch of crying babies all the time
popping cork
check this thread tomorrow night i will explain in depth

and i agree 100% Keakar but it seems like i do it nowadays because i am always taking people new to fishing out lol
sliding cork
John, thank you, I will be looking for it, thanks again.
sliding cork
Ok, in order to rig up a sliding cork, you are oing to need the following:
1 rubber bobber stop (eagle claw)
2 red plastic beads
1 UNWEIGHTED large h&h poppin cork (the one with the stick going down the middle)
1 one ounce egg weight
1 swivel
1 treble hook (or whichever hook you prefer)
and about a foot of leader material ( I use 20 pound fluoro)

-First thing you wanna do is slide on the rubber bobber stop (instructions on the pack)
-put one of the beads on your line
-slide your line through the stick in the middle of the cork
-put the other bead
-put your one ounce weight
-tie the swivel
-tie one end of your leader line to the other end of the swivel
-tie on your hook

easy as that!

By sliding the rubber bobber stop up and down your line, it changes the depth.
A useful method I use for setting my depth is using the legnth of my rod to determine how many feet my depth is set at.
Since I normally fish in about 10-14 feet of water when using the sliding cork and because my rods are usually 7 feet long, i know that if my bobber stop is sitting at my reel but not wound inside of it and my cork is at the top of my rod, my depth is around 6 feet and if i lower it and my hook is around the butt of my rod, then I am set at about 13 feet

how that makes sense and if you have any questions let me know!
Nice catch! Beautiful trout
Slip Cork
Slip Cork..... I resently rigged one too to fish South Pass&Manchac/Lake P area, I used some Bobber Stopper they sell@walmart for crappie fishing, Its knot on tube tied on tube w/slit in tube so there easy to take off after u pull knot then trim ends off knot. I using 3/8 oz Goldeneye Jighead from Dockside on Soft Plastic, I haven't got to use it yet because wind direction in the area i wana fish has been last week out of the east,, But i hope to hit it tomorrow mornin&Possible Rigolets area Sunday
Carolina Rig
John, do you use a jig head or regular hook on your plastics that you fish Carolina rigged? Thx Chris
rubber stopper
John, does that rubber stopper flow through the eyelets on your rod without hanging up when you cast it?
sliding cork
John thanks a lot you did well explaining,you painted a picture for us, I will get the parts I will need to build the sliding cork system. as a teenager I used to fish the industrial canal with a friend and his father,we caught consistently the biggest specks there than any other place we would fish, in the summer time we would use poggys hard to keep um alive, the sea brook was another good spot for huge trout, poggys there as well. Thank you very much, you da man!
carolina rig
For the most part, I use a tko shrimp which has a built in hook. If I want to change to a matrix shad or zoom fluke I simply slide the shrimp off the hook and replace with my plastic of choice. the hook itself does not have a weight.

Also, the bobber stop does not interfere with my casting even with micro guides :)
Bobber Stopper
Thanks for the tip on Bobber stops. I've picked up a pack and plan to give them a try.