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Opening day hunting!

Of course I had a good time. It took a long time getting here, but alas.

We got in on new lease around Holly Beach this year that we were real excited to try. The ponds don't have any food, but they are in a good area with a good flight way.

I had the brilliant idea to camp out in the marsh the whole weekend. You can see how that went as I am typing from my home computer right now. Long story short; wet, cold, windy, critters.

Since I was camping out I decided to scout the area real hard all the way to dusk. That and take advantage of Reds on the flats. Me and a buddy scouted on Friday and saw next to nothing during the day, however right next to dusk I saw a lot of birds using the marsh.

Opening morning was nothing short of phenomenal for me. I had to go it along since my buddies could not make it. No biggie though, I wouldn't have to gripe at someone when ducks flared. LOL. I was on the board quick as a couple of green wings buzzed. I pulled one out of 2 separate little flocks. I realized real quick I didn't want to limit on just teal,that I wanted to savor this one. I was able to do just that as I pick and chose 2 greys, 1 mottled and 1 redhead. Ducks worked great to a wigeon whistle I found.

I ate duck breast in the afternoon and then packed my stuff so as not to endure another night of hardship.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. God Bless.