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where's the shrimp story?

i saw a brief clip on cox sports television about this weeks cold front causing the white shrimp to make the move to the gulf on mass and shrimp boats were all catching huge amounts with decks overflowing with shrimp (they showed one picture of a shrimp boat with shrimp overflowing the decks) and said one guy had supposedly 1600 lbs of shrimp in just one net haul.

yet i cant find a story about it anywhere here or online so if this really happened then whats the deal where are the stories about it?
oh c'mon nobody heard this story?
am i the only person who saw this on tv?

there must be someone who knows about it if they really caught that much shrimp all at once
Google record catches
Found it on louisiana seafood
well i was certain they were definately talking about something very recent but having been unable to find any news about anything like that then i guess they must have been talking about the past but it sure didnt sound like it at the time.

thanks for the tip
Article was recent
The article I found was a recent article about the cold front a couple weeks ago. If I knew how I would post it or send it to you. It was pretty impressive, to bad I had to miss out on it.
This happened in Delacroix on that last big cold front. The shrimp headed out in droves. On Friday night so much shrimp wa caught that the processors couldn't take any more on Saturday.

Some boats had over 10,000 pounds!
Was a night to remember
Seems like it happened all over, guys in Port Sulphur had 8,000 lbs and some in Venice had the same. They just were alot bigger size shrimp in Delacroix.