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Someone in REGGIO POACHING!!!!

I have a lease north of Schooners Canal and someone has built a blind on a small island inside my lease! The blind is built with fastgrass and cane and you have 12 hours to remove it, or it will be removed! You know who you are, so call me if you'd like to talk it over, but it will not be their opening day! 504-427-4973
you don't own that area and I ain't moving it. If you touch my property we gonna have a serious problem.
Actually you just lease the land...if you remove or burn another persons property from property you do not are in more of a violation than the man that has established a blind on your lease. You are just a leasee and have no power to determine wether or not the person with the blind is in violation. Better to get the authorities involved. They will investigate and conclude wether or not he is in violation....regardless there is a good chance he can hunt there this weekend if you do not act quick with game warden.
Welcome to My World!
I have had poaching/trespassing problems for years. I hate to tell you, but its a futile fight, unless you are willing forgo your hunt in order to run them out each and every time you go. The best advice I was given is to take their boat numbers and a picture of the boat. Get their names if possible and contact the Sheriff's dept. Then you will need to get an officer to file an trespassing violation on the trespasser/poacher. Its a bunch of BS since you spent your hard earned money to secure a private place to hunt and then someone squats on your property. Then you have to go through hoops just to get them to move out. Good luck with that.
At least you have a blind to hunt saturday.
I spent a lot of time and effort building a blind
down the wax, they'll be lined up to get in it in the morning.
Why not just do the right thing?!?!?
If parkduck is indeed the builder of the blind, he should show some integrity and not only pass on hunting there this weekend but also move 'his property' off of the lease. Simple solution instead of getting into a back and forth battle. Just 'do the right thing' instead of coming up with a dozen excuses/reasons as to why he thinks he can hunt there. Respect the lease and the lease owner.
Rattle trap duck club
...Could be better... They could respect fella sportsman??? Cheers
Catch back
Throw a few sacks in the dark and let him have at it
BAit the pond and make a call --finished business
dont the law just suck sometimes??
Same problem
Had to run off two different poachers this am. I want to kick their @$$. They then sat there all morning blowing a trumpet and scared off every duck in the area. I'm sick of these people. Where's tony soprano when u need him
these people u ran off have got to be some dumb and stupid!!! blowing a trumpet to scare the ducks away, when they know u have guns, absolutely no brain cells!! did they look like obama and biden, maybe??? parkduck, if u are that person, get a real life man, grow up!!!
Lease/Hunting blind rights
Louisiana Criminal Trespass Law
LSA-R.S. 14:63
To Parkduck. My suggestion to you is, read the law. Basically, without written permission, you area in violation of Louisiana's trespassing laws. If you are in possession of a weapon, it is criminal trespassing. If you take an animal, the violations are compounded. Trespassing, criminal trespassing, poaching of ducks, (federal law) etc.
It's not worth the hastle if you don't want to risk loosing your right to posess a firearm and revocation of hunting privileges for several years.
The Duckbusters solved this problem on it's lease like this. With a hand held GSP up and running, you approach the violators and take their picture with the GPS screen in the picture frame. This removes any doubt as to where the picture was taken. You explain that to the violators and tell them that if they are seen on the property again by anyone at any time you will give this evidence to the authorities and they will be convicted....end of story
up in smoke!
I like the bait em up ideal lol, I would just pass by throw em a flare and lite it up in smoke done deal.
grow up
first he said did they look like obama and biden, maybe and he's telling you to grow up. alot of dead brain cells here .
Burn it down
Its really not that complicated. If you are leasing a parcel of land from a landowner you have the right to determine who can and can not hunt on that land. Just burn the damn thing. Problem Solved. And if they build a second one, burn it too.
I do believe you have the right to determine that whomever is trespassing.. it says in my lease agreement that only me and and the selected others on the lease have access rights. It doesn't matter if you own it or not. I had a dude put a pop up blind on my lease last week, I took it down and left him a note saying 'No trespassing, if you have any questions call me....' I'm glad he wasn't a douche and give me lip or try it again.
Poachers are trash!
Whoever you are that is not only poaching on this mans lease, but also openly admitting it; you are the type of trash that give honest hunters a bad name. You are the reason people can't just knock on someone's door and ask permission to hunt on their land anymore. You are blatantly poaching on this gentlemen's lease, which is absolutely illegal because this man is surrogate owner of this property when he enters into a lease agreement with the property owner. You can and should be arrested for what you are doing, and surely will be if you continue what you are doing. Also by acknowledging that it was you on this public forum you doubly screwed yourself bc he has additional evidence right here. You think just bc you don't use your real name they can't figure out who you are? Wow, how ignorant are you. What you are basically telling this man is that you could walk into his leased home, go to sleep in his bed, and take a dump in his toilet and there's no,thing he could do about it. The gamewardens are going to have fun locking you up, confiscating your gun and boat, and revoking your hunting privileges for a minimum of 2 years. Poaching pieces of garbage like you make me sick. This man surely worked hard to pay for his lease and put in a lot of work maintaining his lease. You are scum and I hope you get what's coming to you.
The guy saying what everybody else was thinking.