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Hunting Clubs

I'm thinking about joining a deer hunting club. I've never been a member of a club, so I'd like to hear your comments, positive and negative. Thank You!
Might just be me.
Well, at first, you will be welcomed and everyone will be friendly.
Then they will tell you of all the places that are theirs to hunt and how no one can hunt where another member has claimed.
Then you will kill 3 deer and while they haven't killed anything.
Then they will change the rules so they can hunt where you have been hunting.
Then you will kill 3 more deer hunting where they were while they're hunting where you killed your first 3.
Then they will kick you out because you broke some stupid rule that they made up when you weren't there one weekend.
me too
First u let a man talk u into letting him take his 12yr. old to kill a mountable buck. So he kills an 8-pt. The next day they go back to take their doe, which was supposed to be taken first. Son kills huge 10pt., u dont say a word to spoil the kids hunt. Next day u go to hunt and find blood spot, sit in stand, hear 4-wheeler come up then leave. u go to see who it is and find him and his wife in another stand, ask what happened and he says wife killed 8-pt. He says 'i just couldnt help myself from letting Tammy kill it.' u reply, 'well i guess that wasnt too hard when it wasnt ur deer', then go to camp. they come to camp and wife procedes to tell u what a crazy sob u are ans they shoulda listened to people who told them. one week later ur driving along 10mph in one lane rd. when 'friend' comes flying around a blind corner and runs into ur vehicle, then jumps off, grabs a large stick and draws a line in the dirt. We left, and within one hour the sheriff came and arrested me for, aggravated assualt, damage to property, and TRESSPASSING, on my own land. 3,000 dollars for lawyer and they decided there was no evidence. since i had a passenger and he was by hisself that seemed obvious from the start, but we all know its who u know. course they held onto the charges for 3 yrs, before officially dropping. now multiply by at least 5 times in 15yrs., maybe thats why its hard to get people to let u hunt.
Man we all must have been hunting be hunting on the same leases..Same CRAP different lease. I have been there and done that. The rules only apply to board members and their familys, and want you just to join to pay their dues, because they really dont want you hunting. And DONT EVEN THINK about killing a deer, thats only for the board members also. I have been kicked out of more deer clubs for 'hunting' thank I can speak of. They want your money but dont want you to hunt. HUNT R really had it bad I have never had it that bad, but thats people for you..I am now in a new lease and I hope that its different, only time will tell.
'Big Bad Dude Hunt'n Club'
...aaaaaahh !!!...Sweet Mystery of Life ???...and sometimes the members' dues are high enough for the smiley board members to hunt free ???...I have about 9 more 'perks', but it may upset someone's conscience !!! cheers ???
Thanks Randy, hope u do better too. No matter the bad side, the rewards when u do find the right place are worth it, esp. for the kids. We have finally got to the point where money is not a big issue, so we can concentrate on having a good place for the kids, they usually act much better than the if it wasnt for horns and money things would be much better. course without there unique horns they would only be Like they say, there's no free ride and u get out what u put in. Hope u find a good spot coach.
Not all bad
Don't let the horror stories scare you away. Every club isn't bad. In fact if you really like to hunt, a club is really the best way. There's never a worry of where to hunt, or if someone's gonna run you off of a property. It's kind of like leasing a part of nature. My club has great members. No one lays claim to any spot. All club stands. We work together to make sure everyone has a good place to hunt, and that everyone has a ride, a place to sleep, and a good time. We get together for a big squirrel shoot on opening day, and a big rabbit shoot at the end of bow season. You will hear horror stories about everything in life. I just want to make sure that you understand that life's not all bad. If your club turns out to be like the ones mentioned in previous posts, contact me and if we have spot next season, your welcome to join.
Just remeber you are new, dont come loaded with to many opinions and dont root in on established spots. Like anything you do there is a social order and respect is the main thing you are looking for. Be helpful and willing to get dirty. Be ethical and abide by the rules, regardless if you agree with them. Try to join a club where you know someone and have an established friendship, this helps more than anything. Exspect to be scrutinized at first, learn the personalties and who can take an occasional verbal jab.Don't brag!!! If you kill something be gracious. After a couple years you will start to blend. Just a FYI we have a rule in our club where new members spend three years on probation, during those three years you can be non -renewed by a vote of the board. This keeps out the ones that dont adhere to the above if needed. We have never exercised the rule to date.
Hunting Clubs
There are always horror stories. i am glad i hunt with a few family members and friends and friends of friends. Its our lease and it seems to work pretty well.I guess the main thing is pull your load of work and most people will sociallize and will get to know one another and form a relationship.I hope things work out for you.We do have a opening in our club see the post in hunting classified.
I hunt in a club my uncle started about 10 yrs ago, mainley to thin out the doe heard on his soybeans fields in Avoyelles Parish. Our board members are us, we have about 12 paying members. We normally start our work details in August. Most members live close to there some of them go durning the week to. We all decide on camp rules on our first meeting in August, by September they are voted and written and signed by each member. It is about hunting, and having plenty of fun,being with the fellows that i don\'t see till then. The post i read above are no where near what the club I belong too. I shot my first 8pt this past season with the club, I have to say we all enjoyed me taking a buck, we partyed that night and members from another camp down the road and had alot of fun. We hunt serious and have fun, the best part is we all get along, we have kids that come to hunt to and really focus on them having the enjoyment of the experience. I hope you guys have as much fun as we do in your clubs as I do and look forward to when I go back, besides the wife doens\'t mind either, it\'s called time away with the fellows.
what you want
I would look for a club with hunters that hunt like you do. By that I mean if you're a diehard, sit through the freeze type hunter, look for guys that feel the same way. If you prefer a much more relaxed, social atmosphere, find one of those. Also especially find others who agree to the same guidelines (or lack thereof) for antlers. A serious hunter is going to be continually upset when casual hunters crank up their 4 wheelers at 9am cause it got cold. Someone will be upset at the horns that got shot if the ideas are different and not strictly enforced. Some of the best run clubs are run by 'jerks' that don't play the politics game, are hard-nosed, no excuse types, by the book, my way or the highway types. You know what to expect from them and everyone is held to the same criteria. When the rules are bent, trouble is started EVERY TIME. A good club is hard to find. I hope you get a good'un.
bullbowfin is dead on with correct info.
That's exactly what happened with the few clubs that I've been in. Man bullbowfin must have belong to the same hunting club as I. YOU'RE BEST FRIEND FOR YEARS WILL BECOME YOUR ENEMY IN A HUNTING CLUB.
I tell everyone that inquires about our Hunting Club, that they are like Women, they are all different you have to find the one that appeals to you. Good Luck
It's what you make of it
I'v been in a club for many years. I've seen the good & bad and i can assure you there's alot of good and very little bad. You join a club (any type of club) if you agree with the rules and can follow them everything will be fine.I can promise you that the guys that have issues with there clubs, CAN'T FOLLOW THE RULES THEY AGREED TO. I admire the guys that run the club i'm in,they work there butts off to see that everything goes well and that everyone has an opportunity for some quality hunting and camp time.
I agree with an earlier post. Hunt/Join a club with guys that are most like your personality and where you feel comfortable. If you don't drink, find a group of non-drinkers, if you are gung-ho, go every morning rain or shine, then join that club. If you like to party, play cards, and sleep in in the mornings then join that club. Try to find a club that doesn't treat you like a frat pledge the first year. At our club everyone is treated equal, whether you've been in 40 years or only 1. No special areas. First come first serve on the Sign Out Board. Twice as many stands as hunters. I guess the only seniority or pecking order in our camp is the location of bunkbeds, new guys have to find a bunk that is no longer occupied, but that is no big deal. Clubs can be a great social experience, you just have to find the right one for you. Good luck!
Thanks to everyone for the comments. Meat Ball, where is your club? I'm still looking.

I belonged to a club in St John Parish for about 10 years. We ran dogs. A lot of the members were related to each other, most had known each other for over 20 years, the club was over 50 years old. We had a meeting twice a year, 1 to elect board members, and one for general purposes. We had 3,000 acres, and about 33 members. We had very few rules, 4 point or better for bucks, try to only take older does. You could bring a guest, he had to pay $25, and guest could only shoot bucks, and only hunt twice/year. Your children under 18 could hunt with you and shoot any legal deer. Wives as well, but very few ever went. You could still hunt if you wanted, you were shown where everyone else had a stand on the lease when you joined. To join, you had to have hunted as a guest at least once, then submit an application letter, and the members would vote on whether to let you in or not at the fall meeting. 20 hours of work on the lease were required/year.

The key is to find a group with similar opinions as you.

We lost our lease to the Maurepas Swamp WMA and a jerk lawyer who snaked our last 1,000 acres so his kids could play in the woods.
Get the rules and by-laws...
make guest hunts and ask lot's of questions like:

What is the seasonal dues ($$$ per member).

Can my family hunt under my membership?

Can they hunt when I'm not there?

How many members do you have?

What is your acreage and geography?

What are the club's harvest limits per person (incuding family members).

What are your member rules?

What are the workday requirements?

What accomodations are provided (camp site with elec/water/sewage, clubhouse, etc.) for males and females.

What is the club's seasonal deer harvest (number of deer taken each year).