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CCA calls for fish hatchery and artificial reefs to counter oil spill effects

David Cresson tells congressional panel spill impact to be long lasting

Dear fellow anglers,

Today I testified to a congressional subcommittee about how the BP oil spill is severely affecting Louisiana’s recreational fishing grounds that we love so much.

I told members of Congress that the spill will have long-term negative effects on recreational fishing and that an aggressive rebuilding effort involving construction of a large fish hatchery and artificial reefs are vital if we hope to overcome the damage. I also discussed the enormous economic impact that recreational fishing has on Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

I explained to the House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife that CCA has worked for 25 years to protect the state’s fisheries resources. I told them that our members believe those many years of work are now in jeopardy because of the oil spill and that the preservation of our resources for future generations across the entire Gulf region is in doubt.

As part of my testimony, I proposed a $20 million program to build artificial reefs across the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The accelerated program would be in addition to CCA Louisiana’s ongoing reef-building efforts, which have resulted in construction of a number of reefs in areas stretching from Lake Pontchartrain to Calcasieu Parish. In addition, we are asking for a $50 million to $75 million program to build a fish hatchery in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. As I said today, oily water simply cannot support fish spawning. Without the hatchery, our fish population and economy will be devastated.

As part of my testimony I added personal notes about how I grew up fishing in South Louisiana with my father and how I had hoped to share that same gift with my own children. I told them of the fishermen and businessmen I’ve met who are afraid that their businesses may not survive. I recalled how, in recent weeks, I’ve made numerous visits to our once-vibrant marshes and seen first-hand the oil that has tainted those areas. To read the complete version of my testimony, visit

I wanted members of Congress to know that while we don’t expect anybody to come in and rescue us, we must be provided the resources that will help us one day resume our normal lives on the coast.

Please know that the CCA staff and volunteer leadership in CCA are engaged in this crisis effort on a daily basis and will continue to fight for the recovery and protection of our recreational fishing grounds.

David Cresson
CCA Louisiana Executive Director
You sir should be ashamed of yourself. 'ONCE-VIBRANT MARSHES, AFFECTS ON FISH SPAWNING', where is any science to back up these rediculous claims. The scientists just testified that Salazar doctored the report after the fact and shut down drilling on his own. While your goals may be noble, your retoric is over the top.
Not taking sides
One of my concerns is that everything I read about the chemical being used to fight the oil spill makes fish sterile. So what the oil does is one thing but how does the waters recover from sterile fish? What is the right thing to do right now is unclear to many. I know I do not know the answer. I want to believe everybody is trying to do whats best. This seems like its the old case of dam if you do and dam if you don't.
LFE, they just published the ingredients of it and 5 of 6 ingredients are used in baby lotions and ethenol.There is no science at all that even suggests this could be true, except CNN 'experts'.LOL
There is no need for a fish hatchery,I don't see them stopping that oil flow!
Deleterious effects of corexit 9527 on fertilization and development

References and further reading may be available for this article. To view references and further reading you must purchase this article.

Sunniva Lönninga and Berndt E. Hagström*, a

aInstitute of Biology and Geology University of Tromsö, N-9001, Tromsö, Norway

Available online 7 April 2003.

The effect of the water soluble oil dispersant Corexit 9527 was tested on larvae from several species of sea urchins and marine fishes. Severe effects in fertilization and development were registered often resulting in pathological larvae and rapid cytolysis. The combination of Corexit 9527 with oil was found to be even more dangerous to the embryo than Corexit or oil alone.

LFE, this study is on young of the year and yes it could harm young fish, but only for that year. It does not bio-accumulate up the food chain. Much like a freeze or oxygen kill it is only site specifec, it doesnt spread. Its not the substance that is toxic but its affect on oxygen levels. All living things can be killed in only one way, lack of oxygen.
thanks for clearing this up for all of us, it made me curious
Still not impressed..
CCA tried to BAN a type of fishing/hunting.

Good luck winning respect/faith back.
Quote David Cresson: 'Please know that the CCA staff and volunteer leadership in CCA are engaged in this crisis effort on a daily basis and will continue to fight for the recovery and protection of our recreational fishing grounds.'

That is to say we'll fight for the protection of 'our' recreational fishing grounds unless it involves 'trespassing' on 'lands' held by our fat-cat supporters or involves any form of bow-fishing hated by our fat-cat supporters.

I vote with my dollars. This year, my money goes to the Save Our Lake Foundation and the Baratraia/Terrebonne National Estuary Program. Not one dime for CCA.
Really ?
Sounds like campaign speech to me.
'cycle of epoch is everything'
...sometimes those darn computers mess up good things ???...might be best they would pitch the next generation ???...cheers

If CCA succedes in getting the money for a hatchery that will just give them more ammo the next time they want to take something away from us . cause then they will say we hatched those fish they shouldn't be ... (insert their next way to try to stop us from catching fish). Give the $$$ to LDWF and LSU and let them hatch the fish After CCAs backdoor work to outlaw bowfishing, I doubt that i will ever think anything they propose to do doesn't have an ulterior motive.
cca did not back door the attempt to outlaw a very cruel and unusual way to kill and cripple redfish. they went at it the proper way, through the proper channels. it is a crime for someone to spear a fine gamefish like a redfish. every sane person knows that redfish would rather die in an ice chest of cold water and ice after being caught by a lsu bayou chub!
So dead redfish = dead redfish = redfish on the half shell.
CCA most certinally did try an end around as they didn't come out w/ who was backing them till they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
When a group that claims to fight for the rights of the fishermen (CCA) gets monitary backing from a group that is trying to take away our fishing
(Landowners) To try to ban some of our fishing(bowfishing) Methinks ,something is rotten in denmark . And in Louisiana.

It warms my heart to see that others are still holding CCA responsible for kissing the copious backsides of lying fat-cats.

Decision made... I'm going to go and kill me some red fish in the morning. Just to make it extra cruel I plan to use a 6 wt. fly rod so the fight is extended therein eliminating any reasonable chance of successfully releasing such a worn out, exhausted fish.

again, e-main it is not a wright to kill and miam redfish with a spear shot out of long limbed slingshot. it was just an oversight by that dog hunting,whiskey drinking wild woman chasin' legislature. if one of them had not been caught with his britches down at the wrong place the week befo the vote a very bad wrong would have been wrighted.
you must be a peta member and pet these precious guys are something else defending cca,which hasnt done a dam thing for this oil disaster except stick there hand out and beg for a donation...
2 cents
CCA = dog dung
cca a joke
I used to attend every cca event but past 2 years havent done any I dont support them anymore by anymeans. CCA stands for coastal conservation ass well they havent done anything for conserving anything. They are a joke and they cant even give up their position on the lawsuites with private marshes ect. They are scared and weak basically good for nothin just some guys at a banquet drinkin beer and rafflin off crap. I have met some people that do alot in conservation and not one is supported by cca . Where they at with all this oil spill where are their people saving the marsh? Yea well im done rantin now I feel better ......ya wanna support somethin support the save the lake and local stuff.
How has this changed from disperants and oil not harming the environment, to CCA is terrible for attempting to get a hatchery/research facility built for LDWF? Not to mention the bow fish bill that was KILLED! If you guys think the CCA's only contribution to this epic leak response was to go and ask for the hatchery and an expansion of the artificial reef program, go load that glass pipe with another rock. We have members laying boom, resucing birds, driving officials into the marsh to see the damage, the dead animals, etc. I can assure everyone that we are helping in any way we can. I have looked at this proposal as being a proactive appoach to the response. Go put a drop of baby lotion in your livewell full of pogies or croakers and tell me how many are living a hour later since Corexit is harmless and shares SOME of the ingredients for baby lotion. For the life of me I can't understand why something so harmless has to be piped thru PTFE lined pipe, or Hastelloy and carbon steel isn't allowed in the unit its made in. Hmmmmm.

Ponder that while you widdle. At this point, I don't care who you choose to help, as long as you do help. This is a massive undertaking that threatens not only our fish and wildlife, but our way of life. And as James Carville stated the other night 'Louisiana expects you to do your duty'
I admitt I may have been a little off on my evaluation of the CCA , they are not actually the dog dung they are the flies that feast off the dung
CCA money signs in there eyes
Knew it wouldn't take long for CCA to step in to figure out they could make really good bank on this!

I'm sure the star tournament will be cancled and that will be a claim files against BP, here really soon!
Considering all that’s going on right now, it’s not easy to think about anything else. Speaking from experience (2005) the best therapy is getting back on to the water. A boat ride, booze cruise (with a DD), or a fishing trip will do you wonders. You’ll probably some of your favorite marina owners; charter and commercial captains that could use seeing a smiling face.
We’ll have some new and exciting info on STAR early next week
oil and disperants
Neither degraded crude oil nor dispersants are 'toxic' to fish. It coats their gills and makes it hard to absorb oxygen, only killing those that are directly affected. They both float on the surface and DO NOT mix with water, so very few fish are affected.
So misinformed, but what else should I expect from my fellow LA citizens. The money is NOT for CCA. It will go to LDWF, you know the guys that drive the big green trucks.

This is something this state should have had a long time ago. I'm truly sorry you guys feel like it is a bad idea. Perhaps Bowhunting Reds Assoc. (BRA), should come up with your own ideas and go present them to congress with all the clout you guys have.

But I know that won't happen, you will only whine and hey thats your right. I would too, if all I had to do all day is sit and cry on the keyboard cause my mommy or wife wouldn't let me out the house. Too bad, so sad.

Good luck chumps, I'm off to kill some trout before BP does. Looking forward to hearing the alternate plans for rehabing our coast.
If depersants float with the oil as you say , what happens when the despersants are mixed at 5,000 ft down , you think it may take a while before it reaches the surface , after the mix has traveled all around in the currents ------------ I fear the long term effects of the despersants more than if they would have just let the oil float up then skim it , the despersants were used for the media so that you wouldn't see the pictures of large oil slicks and to make it harder to judge how much oil is really in the water so as to make the fines for how much oil was spilled less
Yes a mile deep and 40miles offshore. Do you know the volume of water that is? Question: Why is everyone assuming 100% of the oil will come north? Wouldnt it be more reasonable to believe we will only get 25% of the spill? Since its hundreds of miles till land any other directions wouldnt most of it go that way?
Corexit and crude.
I don't drink or bath in either one (intentionally)...'nuff said.
Kenmax, you may not bathe in it but if you use any kind of body lotion or suntan oil or drink a smoothie you slather it all over you in much greater concentrations than this. Can you answer why everyone assumes 100% will come this way? Any product that comes out of a tube uses both oil and dispersants in far greater concentrations than this. Dont you get they cant measure any oil or dispersants in the water, only lower oxygen levels caused by microbes eating it?
None of that...
...but I do use ivory soap, right guard, mill creek and gillette. All the oil is coming to LA shores because the evil current gods are directing it this way to punish the polyfishens. I've seen oil on the gulf water and I don't like it. I've seen oil in human hair on the beach and don't like it either (esp brillcream). Concentration does not outweigh perception. I can't fish where I want, I don't like tar on the beach and I could care less how much coppertone is being dispersed when a body hits the water. Question is...why is this all okay with you? Wouldn't it upset you if I blatantly dumped a can of 10W-40 oil in the gulf?
My whole life is based on hunting and fishing, and i hate litter. Our lake got invaded with water hyacinths last year and now after 15yrs. we can no longer fish or even boat so i wish you would come dump a couple thousand barrels to kill it. You hear all the time about vegatation overtaking lakes, did you ever stop to think a few spills was preventing this in the past? At no time have i said any of this was ok, i just dont think we should overreact and i DEFINATELY dont think we should blame the heroes that were trying to help this nation and hate this as much as we do but made some mistakes. Ihavent worked for an oil company for 30 yrs. but i did just return from a 3,000 mile round trip along the coast to Key West, Fla. to see for myself the actual facts before i ever opened my mouth,
now wait a minutes you have made it clear that crude oil is totally harmless and is safe for all plants so huntr why would you want to dump some in your lake? remember you told cajanhopper that the spill couldn't hurt the marsh remember?
water hyacinth
Backjudge, i told cajun it wouldnt kill marsh grass because it is rooted in the ground and the leaves are above the oil, hence no suffocation. Water hyacinth floats and its roots hang into the water where they filter feed. Any filter feeder, plant or animal can be affected. I have no confidence it will kill them but at this stage we will try almost anything to get our lake back. This is an oxbow of the Tensas river so it will eventually choke the whole system, they took over our 200 acre lake in 3 months. We have spent thousands on spraying to no avail. Noxious weeds will cause more problems this year than this oil ever will.
huntr, you sure are pickin' a whole lot of 'fights' on these forums. I gotta chill...later...maybe.