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Lake saline/larto easter weekend

I spent weekend at woodson landing in deville la. I am just learning how to fish the area so needless to say i cought only 10 crappies and 2 bass all weekend.

They had boats that came in with 30 or 40. My guess is that they all fish the area pretty often.

Pretty area, the only bad thing is no one slows down for no one. If you dont watch out they will through you on the bank. i even gcought the spray from one guys boat.

Again it is a pretty place, i just need to learn more about the AREA.
When the B@**holes in the big rigs run the creek they don't slowdown for anything. You would do better on the bass and white perch on other, more open area's, of the main lake and sloughs. Brush hogs and spinnerbaits are good right now and beetlespins for the bream and perch.