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sean payton!!

i don't know why, sean payton hasn't been on all these tv talk shows too? drew brees sure deserves it and many players too! but the coach, he has to be the best, gutiest smartest coach ever!!! the saints players won the superbowl on the field, but without sean payton, it would never have happened!!!! i think sean payton deserves more glory, than he's getting!!!!!! my opinion!!! if we would lose drew bress, we would be in trouble and if we lose sean payton, we would be in trouble!! any comments??????????
Sean Payton is a great coach. And I don't care what the percentages are on an onside kick. He proved right there his has way more guts than I do. And the good news is he is not content with one superbowl victory. From what he said he is still hungry for more.

It sure is nice to have the best coach and the best QB in the entire NFL AND a team full of class acts that aren't going around making the news for the WRONG way. Aren't shooting their mouth off all the time and aren't fighting amongst themselves over who is getting the spotlight or who is getting the ball etc.
mike, you're right!!
mike you're right, they are a true team and the only one in football, NO-ONE CARES ABOUT PERSONAL GAINS, JUST WINNING!!!!!! there is no i in team and who taught them that, you are right, sean payton!! many years from now, the superbowl trophy will be called, the payton trophy!!!!! WHO-DAT, EVER GUNNA BEAT TEM SAINTS!!!!!!!!! one more thing!! the only thing that worries me is, how much more is the saints worth now, mucho, mucho, very much more!!! tom benson is a businessman!! do you think, he would even be thinking about selling now while he can?? money, money, money!!!! if he would and the saints, stay in new orleans, no big deal, but, if he sells and they would leave new orleans, i think he would have to leave the country and really quick!!! sure hope it don't happen, but to some people, business is business??????
Sean Payton
He is preparing for the upcoming draft. In the NFL there is no
"off-time". I'm sure he, and a few others, are watching tons of film on prospects for the upcoming draft.
don't get me wrong brees was awesome in that game but in my opinion the difference was the coaching... That is what won that game
I think
most, if not all, of the appearances Brees made were as the SB MVP. Besides Coach Payton is very busy, they have a ton of players who are free agents (restricted and unrestricted), so the work begins to figure out who needs to be re-signed to new contracts and who to let loose to pursue other teams for better offers. Also, this year the Saints won't be able to go after free agents unless they lose one of their free agents, one of the side effects of being one of the 8 top teams in the NFL. They can, however, sign any player that is cut loose by a team and clears waivers. Going to, and winning, the SB gives the coach and front office a very short off-season, Free agency begins March 5, and the draft begins April 22, not a whole lot of time for all the decisions that will have to be made.
Agree agree agree
But lets not forget that this was TRULY a team effort, and that isn't just lip service.

Obviously Sean Payton did a great job and obviously Brees did a great job, but lets not forget the receivers!!! Other than that one dropped pass on the second drive the receivers were making some amazing catches and held on to a number of passes that could very easily have been jarred loose. And how about Meachem getting yardage after breaking a tackle!

And the special teams were freaking solid in both the vikings game and the Super Bowl. The only good return the Colts had was called back for a holding, so they basically got nothing positive from special teams. Hartley set a super bowl record on field goals so that speaks for itself.

And what about the running backs. Zero turnovers. Yards after contact. Pierre Thomas is amazing.

And lets not forget the offensive line. They allowed only one sack the entire game.

Defensive line did a pretty good job as well. It might not look like it because we never sacked Peyton Manning but he was hit a few times and the Colts have one of the best O. lines in the NFL if not the best. Key stops on Addai that prevented a touchdown and loss of yards for a long field goal that was missed.

Defensive backs were great to as is readily apparent simply by watching Porter return the interception for a touchdown. Holding the Colts to 17 points they must have done something right!

And the fans!!!! Outnumbered the Colts 10 to 1!!! Home field advantage Saints!!!! Team effort all the way around.