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Signing Day Has Come And Gone

Signing day has come and gone and LSU had a better day that most expected. This season was shaping up a few weeks ago to be a good one. With a top 10 finish and a few guys that really filled some holes that needed to be filled.

Then it all hit the fan. An out of state (California) lineman by the name of Marsh that was the second if not most important commit to this class dropped LSU for UCLA due to his parents not wanting him to go out of state. Boom and not a good one especially this late in the game.

The our WR's commits decommited. NOooooo!!!!

Well signing day was fast approaching and it looked pretty bleak. Then we got a commit from James Wright and we were not sweating as bad but we still were way in the hole. Then Armand Williams commits but many view that commit as a step backwards compared to what we had a few weeks earlier. We still had a couple of WR irons in the fire and fingers were crossed that one of them would commit.

We had also lost a JR college lineman earlier and LSU fans that follow recruiting were licking there wounds and really had little hope for having a great class.

But then in rides Les Miles to the rescue. Say what you want about Les Miles but HE orchistated a great recruiting comeback that was something to behold.

Not only did we get wright but we also got Jarrett Fobbs Kadron Boone to decommit to other schools and sign with us! What a reversal. Credit there to Billy Gonzales I imagine would be in order.

But word also got out the Trovon Reed at the last minute decided to stay in La. but by that time LSU had already shored the WR role up and he decided to just stay with his commitement to Auburn.

This was better than most LSU fans thought we would do on signing day but Les wasn't finished.

J.C. Copeland, J.R. Ferguson both committed to LSU to fill a big gap left by the earlier decommits. (EGO) Ferguson's signature can be direclty attributed to Les Miles and Ferguson said as much in his Announcement on signing day.

LSU endend up according to the numbers a 6th place finish and those rankings are pretty imprecise as judging talent at the HS level is far from an exact science. A number of our players I (and others) believe are underrated.

So we will just call this year the blue grass miracle of LSU's recruiting season.