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More LSU News

LSU has lost a couple of coaches and gained a couple of coaches as the end of the season coach shakeup begins again.

Billy Gonzales from Florida will be the new Wide Receivers coach for LSU with the additional title of Passing Game Coordinator. Which doesn't usually mean that he will be calling any plays during games.

Porter the running backs coach has been replace by Frank Wilson after Porter took a head coaching job elsewhere.

It has been rumored that LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton will not be with LSU after the bowl game. Les Miles is not happy with how the QB's have been developed or the productivity of the Offense this year. But the sticking point seems to be the nearly 1 million dollars it would take to buy out Crowton's contract which has two years left.

The story isn't over and some people believe that Billy Gonzales will be the next LSU offensive coordinator. Others think that Crowton's days are numbered and it will just take the right person accepting the job to get Crowton ousted.

For a little spice it seems that Gonzales left Florida for LSU because he wasn't happy about being overlooked for the Offensive Coordinator job a Florida.