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Cajun Anchor

Is the cajun anchor worth getting to use in lake calcasieu? I have a 18' blue wave and I already use a claw anchor but will the cajun anchor hold better? I know storage would be a problem. The claw anchor i have fits in my front hatch. I would like to have the claw anchor more accesable. Is there a way to mount it on the inside of my boat, something kinda like a rod holder but for anchors?
Cajun Anchors....
don't work on sandy bottoms. I use one for the inside waters and it holds fine on my 22" bay boat.
Anchor Chocks
Can't comment on the cajun anchor cause I've never used one on Calcasieu. Used them at Grand Isle in the marshes and it worked fine.

Try West Marine for anchor chocks.

Unless your fishing in the marsh, shallow bays or plan on fishing some cut's don't get one. They are best use for shallow soft bottom. I'm from golden Meadow and that's what i mainly use
stake out stick comes with mounting brackets, also take a look at wang anchors....
Make your own Cajun Anchor
Go to any welding shop and pick up a piece of 1" heavy wall tubing and have them cut it to the length. In your case, I'd get one 10'long. Smash down one end with a big hammer or have them do that for you, too. Also, drill a hole 1/3rd of the way from the top of the pole and insert an I-bolt to secure your anchor rope to. Then go by the hardware store and get a piece of 1.25" PVC, wrap the top of your pole with electric tape and pound that 12" piece of PVC over the end and glue a top cap on it.
Now call the folks at Norton Brass Rattles in Mississippi and have them send you a set of push-pole fasteners for your boat and it will be outfitted for ease of operation and you will have spent a whole $10bucks and have a much better anchor system than most of your fishing buddies!
Norton Brass Rattler Productions 900-890-5113. Ask for Johnny King.
Stick it
I just bought a "stick-it" anchor. Like a cajun anchor but made of fiberglass. Seems to hold pretty good in the marsh (haven't tried it in the sand) It comes with mounting clips and won't tear up the inside of your boat like the heavy steal/aluminum poles.
cajun anchor
You ought to see the pole setup on Capt. Johns laguna tiger.
Wish there was a way to rig my boat like that.
I've got the Wang Anchor, and it works very well. Bought 2 cheap 3/4 inch clips to mount it on my gunwale.....pops right in and out. Does a good job of holding up to a depth of about 5 feet. I believe they will also make different lengths custom as well. The only problem with these types of anchors are when there is a chop. The anchor sticks fine, but the mounting bracket slides up and down on the anchor with the waves. Makes a lot of racket. Other than that, it's great.
All I have for my 22' bay boat is a piece of 1 1/2"x10' sch. 40pvc with both ends capped, tie a piece of rope to the top and to your cleat and stick it in the mud, I have never had it slip - when you get ready to go just pull it out and let float alongside the boat for a short distance and it will clean right up.
cajun anchor stowage
i use a 9' piece of aluminum rod for my cajun anchor, and to store it i took a piece of 1 1/4 pvc and two pvc rod holders, cut the flared end off the rod holders and ran the pvc tubing thru it and mounted to the inside of the boat, cap one end of the tubing and drilled hole in the bottem for water to drain, works great, will take pics if you need, use mine in big lake all the time.
Anchor Pole
I have been fishing my 22 foot Aquasport with a 10 foot 1 1/2 inch schedule 80 aluminum pole for at least 20 years, weld a pad eye at the top, have an 8 inch piece of solid aluminum bar welded and and rounded at the bottom so it will punch thru oysters and hard sand, add a shackle and 15 feet of 3/8 nylon line attach to your breast cleat, the boat swings sideways everybody fishes comfortably instead of being jammed up on the bow or stern. Tite lines to you!
Capt Don Sampson