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JOE BIDEN: Veteran Anti-Gun Senator

"I'am the guy who originally wrote the assault weapons ban."

CNN/YouTube debate, 7/23/07

FACT; Joe Biden voted to ban virtually all hunting rifel ammunition.
United States Senate,S.397,vote 217, 7/29/05
United States Senate,S.1805,vote 28, 3/2/04

FACT: Joe Biden wrote and introduced one of the first bills to ban semi-automatic firearms.
Biden Bill, S. 1970, '89

FACT: Joe Biden voted to ban hundreds of models of common rifels and shotguns.
United States Senate, S. 1805, vote 24, 3/2/04
United states Senate, S. 1607, vote 375, 11/17/93

FACT: Joe Biden voted to impose a five-day waiting period on all handgun sales.
United States Senate passage of H.R. 1025, vote 394, 11/20/93

FACT: Joe Biden voted against confirming pro-Second Amendment justices to the Supreme Court.
Samuel Alito, vote 2, 1/31/06
John Roberts, Jr., vote 220, 10/15/91

Joe Biden has spent all of 35 yeasr in the U.S. Senate trying to destroy our Second Amendment rights. In fact, there are few in Congress who have as much experience as Joe Biden opposing our firearms freedom. The facts speak for themselves. THIS ELECTION DAY, LETS ALL VOTE TO DEFEND OUR FREEDOM..... BECAUSE IF JOE BIDEN & BARACK OBAMA ARE ELECTED WE WILL ALL LOSE.

To find out more about where each of these guys want to take us please go to WWW.GUNBANOBAMA.COM