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Gar Balls

I need a good recipe on how to make a gar ball gravy any help would be appreciated thank you.
Step 1. Make sure that you have caught a male gar.
I did he had a very large pair just not sure how to cook them.?!
gar ball recipe
My mom taught me this recipe, were some coonasses from avoyelles parish.
1.)grind the meat(obvious)season meat with Tonys, salt, pepper, pat balls with light flour. hint:the flower makes the roux.
2.)add a little oil in a blackpot, brown meat until it gets pretty good and brown, do not mess with them. let them brown before you roll them to the next spot.
3.)after browned meat, take out of pot, add onions, bellpeppers, garlic, and whatever else you like...let those cook for a bit. then throw balls back in, add water, maybe a little can of tomato sauce, you dont want it to tast like the tomatoes, so dont add too much.
after the water boils, add more season to taste, then you will start to see your gravy tuning color.
and thats it , awesome and simple recipe.
Thank you
I will try that this weekend at the camp in dupont!
The best recipe out there by far
The best recipe Ive found for garballs and gravy is to first ground the meat up then season the meat up really well with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and any other special seasoning that you really like. then add bread crumbs and form into meatball sized balls. put them to the side then start your gravy. brown your roux real dark and season the gravy up to your liking. then take the garballs you formed up earlier and throw them in the garbage. then find some good tasty meat to put in that gravy and quit wasting time with those trashy fish. Then enjoy. :)
Gar balls
When I clean a gar I cut the meat into about 1 inch steaks.
I then take a spoon and scrape the meat off the bone. This way you leave all the leaders on the fish. Then all you have is just meat. Season the meat, fry it in shallow oil. Once you have all the balls fried. With the remaining oil and gradue add your flour and make a roux. Later put your gar balls back in the roux and simmer them until cooked.
good luck
FF T Warren
Sounds like a great recipe to me.
garfish balls w/shrimp gravy
my grandfather showed me this one. take the garfish meat grind with onions bell peper red and green and gralic and one or two eggs and make your garfish balls. fry in oil till brown taking them out as they get brown. add a little flour and brown.add onions,bell pepper, garlic, and parsely add water and let cook for 10mins add a pack or two dried shrimp let cook 10mins add garballs back let cook till you cant stand the smell no more and serve over rice