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Lake Borne Report

My buddy Tommy Tate and I made a run Friday. Game plan for the day was Half Moon Island and the rigs in Lake Borgne. Well, Half Moon was a dud. One 2 pound trout, one flounder and one trout blow up on top water. Not what we were looking for,so off to some rigs. Frist stop nothing, second stop we found some fish, with 5 throw-backs to one keeper. This patten followed us all morning to the other rigs we checked. We ended the morning ducking the rain and lighting at 11 am with 8 trout with 6 under 14", one flounder and one saltwater Goo which was released to fight another day. Not a real good fishing day, but it beats work.

Here's something I would like to pass on to all you live bait fishermen out there. I've been using a small circle hook for the last two years, instead of treble hooks for trout fishing. I've found that small undersize trout tend to swallow a small treble hook, which, with removal, tend to kill the fish. There nothing worst to me than throwing a undersize and dying fish back. These fish are our future, just like small bucks are the future on a deer lease. I've switch to the VMC red sports circle hook in the 1/0 size, and my live release raito for undersize trout has gone way up. Also, as a trout loads up on a rod with live bait, there is no need for a hook set from the angler, which is great for kids and inexperienced anglers, as the fish hook themselves. Also if you are fishing places like Seabrook with a lot of trash on the botton, this hook will strighten out instead of breaking when you get snagged. Hook removal is another plus, as all fish are hooked in the jaws and not the throat. I alway have premade leader set up that I just snap on or off using the Norman speed clips. I don't like spending time in the boat making up leaders, I just snap the old one off and snap the new one on.

Good luck and give the circle hooks & speed clips a try.