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Last Weekend

We had a great season in Venice this year wish i was down there today. I have one more hunt this year, a White Lake lottery hunt tommorrow. What a way to end a awesome season.
Is that...
..Michael? You must have been hunting with Mr. Brad?
time to go huntung
Logan what are you doing in front of that computer? you guys need to be over there in Crowley today. Mike and i went last weekend we killed 19 in 2 hunts. i need to get you down there next year. Are you hunting tommorrow?
Crowley? HA!
Mr. Brad, Crowley was a bust! I went with a buddy last friday and didn't pull the trigger! I think Mike Dupont went this morning, but I'm not sure how he did. I've just about given up on hunting ducks to tell you the truth!
don't give up
i fought it for 5 years and this year we really started killing them, we'll plan a trip to venice next year. the weather should be right for Mike today.
Sounds like a plan
Venice is a paradise haha. I went on a few good trips during the first split with Trey in Caernrvon. I may go during the week to the WMA over here...not giving up just yet!
How was your White Lake Lottery Hunt?

How did you do on your white Lake Lottery Hunt? I hunt not far from their hunting grounds and did pretty well all year. Seems like the area held less birds than it normally does. What did their guides say about their season?