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Bow-fishing laws?

Hey guys I have a few spots in mind to bow-fish but many are along the sides of roads or highways. Are there any laws about being a certain distance from the Hwy? I looked in the rules and regulations booklet and can't find anything. I'm wanting to go this evening along Airline Hwy in norco but don't know if I'll get ticketed? Sunday so I can't call LDWF!
Anyone know about this? Thanks
Interesting question. I cant help you with this one, but I am curious about the answer. I know that there are regs. about the distance which you can shhot a firearm, but not sure about a bow.
"go get'em Charley"
Charley...Check how the law reads ? "No Hunting" or "No Firearms"...or the judges' mood or budget ??? can get complex ? ...cheers to 'ya !
Bank bowfishing
If you are familiar with the Bonnet Carre Spillway and can get to them, try walking the goat road canal and the barbus canal.
Canal names??
I am very farmiliar with the spillway but where do you guys get the names from?
I'm sure I've fished those canals but don't know what they are called?
Hope it is legal!!
I figured if it doesn't say not to, than it is ok!! Went on the side Hwy 51 and missed about 20 Gar and hit one.
Rabbit, I did paddle over a gator that was 8-9 feet so I am re-thinking the whole night time bank shooting!! I think I'll stay in my boat at night!
bow fishing
the only regulations i know is u cant shoot any game fish such as bass and if u where shooting reds they would have to be 16 inches just like u where fishing thats the only ones ive every heard
No Bass??
Wow I shot about 20 yesterday, I was picking them off the beds all day!!
Just joking, couldn't resist!!