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Nuck and Futz Attacks NShore Marsh 1 13 18

Got my wing-man,Nuck,back today for yet another assault on what we suspected was gonna be mudfest of a NShore Marsh hunt with the extremely strong N winds de NShore experienced last few days and we had a very good back-up plan(s)today and great thing as our first spot totally inaccessible and so was our second spot(we launched later purposely to take advantage of much later flights of greys)and we hit a tried-and-true pond and Nuck was headed to some smaller ponds but found them to be mudflats and I headed towards a huge area that almost always holds water(great to know for late-season hunts that otherwise would be totally useless)and when I paddled into pond,nice flock of greys that apparently were resting got up and I hurriedly set up fine Chapman pirogue blind,made sure to quickly load Beretta and not too long after,had nice flock wanting in but only one broke off and he made fatal mistake!!Saw decent amount of ducks,not whole lot wanting to work and about 1/2 hour before we had decided to call it quits,noticed pair looking like dey might wanna play and hit em hard with Countdown 2.0 and huge drake and hen soared in but hung out a tad far and Kicks High-Flier Modified took care of drake but hen escaped!!!Had to quickly launch Chapman from blind and dispatched nice drake that was not going anywhere fast!!!Ended with just two but thoroughly enjoyed hunt and proved to ourselves dat having more than one back-up plan critical,especially late season and with ridiculously low water.Pays to know deep channels,ponds,etc and headed back tomorrow,gonna get tad earlier start as mighta come home with few more with just about hour earlier set-up!!