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Opening weekend! Great time to be a duck hunter

Of course many of us on this forum and state live for this. We were hunting again in the beautiful freshwater marsh of Louisiana this past weekend. Louisiana beauty never ceases to amaze me. The diversity of fowl, large freshwater lakes and rich amount of wildlife is something to behold and appreciate. No better place to be!

Friday we were off to the camp with stuff piled on top of stuff. And you can?t remember everything either. I forgot so many items I forgot what I forgot.

The boat broke down on the way to the camp. And then it leaked. And then the hot wire touched the engine block, melting to it and cutting it. The Pop, boom and smoke was so horrendous I thought a mortar had exploded in our midst. But we respliced and went on. Nothing was going to stop us. When we finally made it to the camp we cut Roseau, wax myrtle and palmettos while sustaining only minor cuts to our extremities. We actually did see some ducks flying around, which is good for our area.

Friday night we cooked venison backstrap, pork loins and sausage on an open grill and lifted our heads to the stars. The weather was perfectly temperate, and it was beautiful. Dark open sky minus city lights is a spectacle indeed. Many of my camp mates were so liquored they could see stars everywhere. To each his own. We sat around the bonfire and told stories of ducks, deer and fish. Mostly lies, but hey, why not embellish a little. No one did a duck dance which I think hurt us the next morning. I will correct that next time though. After the meatfest and star gazing/story telling it was off to bed.

Saturday morning was a to do. We left the camp a little late. I ran the mudboat onto a bank and cost us about 5 minutes. Over correction with Rudder steering. We had strength in the boat though and that got us out of the jam pretty quick. We got to the pond and started setting decoys. Spoons, pintail, greys, mallards, teal. It was a free for all. The batteries for the motion ducks didn?t work. I knew I had charged them though. Sabotage perhaps? That hurt our blind badly, especially for the teal. I finally get into the blind and we start the morning prayer. By that time shooting had started. There were three of us and we waited and waited while everyone around blasted?.You know that feeling you get when everyone around is shooting but you? Disgust/anxiety/anger/doubt all wrapped into one. Finally three teal came blasting into the pond and didn?t even attempt to stop, but they approached from the wrong bearing! We shot three times and rained all three. Great shooting! But they were going so fast their momentum carried them to the nether regions of the grass. 20 minutes later a big duck came and spotted the mallard decoys. We gave him that lonesome hen quack and he circled like an airplane getting lower and lower every drop. You could tell it was a greenhead from far away it was so sunny and his plumage was sooo clear. I could actually see the curl feathers on his back and those notorious red/orange legs. Along the way he was uttering that wraspy low pitched whistle. You could see his bill open to call. Pretty neat. He didn?t waste any time and came in low on the final approach. He came right in and we shot him right as his feet hit the water. Done picture perfect. Next a group of 4 mallards came in right in front. They were hovering over the decoys about 20 yards and we called the shot?BANG, BING, BOOM, POP?..One greenhead falls! I was a little sick that we shot so poorly, but hey its opener. We knocked down about 4 other mallards and that was it for our blind. We rode it till about 9:30, but it was not to be.

The other blinds on the lease did well. One blind killed a 3 man limit and the other had a 4 man limit. One of the blinds killed a banded Mottled duck which was banded in Grand Chenier in 2015. Pretty neat because we killed a Mottled duck last year that was banded from the same flock.

Sunday morning 5 of us hunted together from the same blind. Beautiful new blind with a Roseau stand behind us and about 8-10 foot off the water. Clear field of vision in front. I had a youth with me and the first teal of the morning came in and plopped right amongst the decoys. I whispered ?Vaughn? shoot him! Ol Vaughn didn?t wait. BANG!!! Right over the ducks head. And the spigot was opened on the teal flight. Singles, doubles, flocks and carnage for 30 minutes. A flock worked its way over to my side and I killed 2 out of it with 2 shots which made me happy enough for the whole rest of the hunt. And then it died! The flight that is. We ended with 14 or 15 which isn?t bad.

All in all a good opener. I have the smell of ducks on my hands and a curl feather in my hat. Hope everyone else enjoyed Gods creation on the West and Coastal opener.
Re: Opening weekend! Great time to be a duck hunter
Nice report. We also had a great opener. Not as many and no green heads, but a great time was had. We did have 1 female canvas back in our mix of g & b wing teal, greys, Dogris can't wait to go again. Thanks to A. For a fun Saturday and R. For a fun Sunday