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Day in the Vermilion Bay

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Last weekend we made a trip in Vermilion Bay to find some Speckled Trout and a few redfish. With the predicted conditions were were expecting a 30-40 trout day. We launched out of Don's Boat Landing. Once we got into the bay, we started fishing a good reef near the shore. Throwing a topwater and our plastics, we only picked up some sand trout. After about an hour and the boats getting heavy in the area, we decided to go further out to one of the well heads. We ended up landing a nice trout within a few minutes. Thinking we were gonna start catching them good, we only caught gaff top after that. Once we got tired of fighting gaff top every cast, we ran back north to chase some reds in the marsh. We fished the mouth of the canal, catching 3 reds off the bat 1 coming off shrimp and the 2 larger coming on the Opening Night Mad Minna. Then we moved further into the canal and picked up 2 more reds on the Mad Minna. We decided to run up into the pond area of the marsh, only to get our boat stuck. The hurricanes had the tide pulling harder than normal. A few hours later after getting out we decided to call it a day. Check out the video to see how it went!
Re: Day in the Vermilion Bay
Glad I'm not the only one who likes to get stuck. My push pole comes in handy for my stupidity quite often.