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The Point

I hate bad news, however Capt Solar was dead on. We fished Pointe a la Hache all weekend. The water from last weeks cranking of Caernarvon was still evident. The break in the levee just northwest of the twin pipelines is flooding in enough Mississippi River water to push your boat to the other side of the back levee canal at full throttle. We fished from 1st bay,Big Four, Thorn Tree and all the way back to Fusich. We even caught bass on shrimp in Charles Bayou. Finally managed a few Sheepshead.No specks or redfish. The water on the southeast areas has 1 inch of visability.This is great for the marsh, but lousy for winter fishing. If you plan to go, just watch the Caernarvon outflow website. I wish someone could explain their logic. They just seem to call down there and tell the operator give it a few more cranks. Ok, thats good now close it on Friday.Good Luck!!!!!!!! and listen to the Captain!!!!!!!
February 08, 2005 at 3:58pm
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Posted February 19, 2005 at 12:33pm

Sounds like this angler has a good 'Pointe' to make. He obviously has identified an issue that
should be looked into. If he can't get some agency help...I have got the number for the little Dutch Boy...Keep us all posted.

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