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Some recent blue marlin pics

Been having a lot of guys contact me looking to catch their first blue marlin from the comfort of their own boat, or even learn how to catch more blue marlin, and the fishing has been steady for those willing to put in the time and not jump around trying to chase 10 species of fish in a single day. Here are a few screen shots I gathered from the cameras. Much, much more to come in a later video. If you've been fishing the gulf for awhile and haven't caught your first blue, or perhaps would learn how to catch more blues, including livebaiting, trolling, using the downrigger, bait and switch, and getting the most out of your satellite imagery website, I would love to tag along on your own boat and help you out. You don't need a battlewagon or 40 foot center console, and you don't need to go make an investment in 50s or 80s-I have all the equipment necessary. We are fortunate enough to have a 12 month a year fishery for them, but the summer is probably one of the best times, and definitely has the best weather for chasing pointy nosed fish. I am also still running a deal for guys that want to devote one day to tunas/other meatfish and another day SOLELY to billfish. Can leave from Panama city west back to Louisiana.

-Capt. Woody Woods