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My Son's Maiden Voyage in His Own Kayak

I recently gave my son Peyton his birthday present about 2 months early, his own kayak. Purchased him an 8' Pelican Apex 80. Perfect size kayak for an 8 year old. I took him to Leevlle this past Sunday afternoon, 5/25/14, to try it out and teach him the ins and outs of kayaking. In the interest of safety, I attached his kayak to my Native Slayer 12 on a 6' towline. It worked out great and it towed surprisingly well. Needless to say Peyton had a blast. Even though I wasn't quite comfortable letting him explore on his own, he had a blast paddling with me as we moved and picked up on maneuvering his own yak pretty quickly. Even though the day was about paddling and learning, Peyton graciously allowed me to fish for a little while. I picked up 2 reds on cast netted minnows under a Bayou Bucks Pogeaux Popper cork. Caught and released 6 undersize rat reds and a few undersize trout. Peyton was definitely more interested in paddling around than fishing. The highlight of his day was seeing an otter playing around in the marsh looking for food. He didnt stop talking about it the whole way home! Out of all my days on the water, this was definitely my favorite and most memorable. Can't wait to bring him back out there.
Kayak for your son
I too bought my son the same yak last summer and he too loves it. My boy is 12 and it works great for him.
Your son will love the freedom it gives him. Makes them feel BIG...
Im sure this is and will be very special times for you two to share. I know it is for me and my boy.
God bless you both and stay safe on the water.
Keep us posted on his fish catches..
John Wayne
Thanks John. I will keep everyone posted on Peyton's progress. Will be bringing him back out Saturday afternoon if weather permits. Hopefully I can get him to fish for a little while to hook onto a big bull red. You and your son have fun out on the water and be safe.